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Biographies Essay Writing Help

The Life Of Ludwig Van Beethov
Words: 1462 / Pages: 6

.... not surrender to that "jealous demon, my wretched health" before proving to himself and the world the extent of his skill. Thus, faced with such great impending loss, Beethoven, keeping faith in his art and ability, states in his Heiligenstadt Testament a promise of his greatness yet to be proven in the development of his heroic style. By about 1800, Beethoven was mastering the Viennese High-Classic style. Although the style had been first perfected by Mozart, Beethoven did extend it to some degree. He had unprecedently composed sonatas for the cello which in combination with the piano opened the era of the Classic-Romantic cello sonata. In addition, .....

Benito Mussolini
Words: 550 / Pages: 2

.... in him to be the strong man of Italy who would vesture order, rule as a dictator, and lead his country to national greatness. To achieve his dream, he formed the Fascist party, known as the Blackshirts, of whom he was the recognized leader. In the beginning it was composed mainly of ex-serviceman, the Fascists restored order in Italy by force, breaking up the Socialist and Communist organizations of the workers. Guided by Mussolini, they aimed to seize power and bring to an end to parliamentary democracy, which they most wanted to. When the Fascists marched on Rome in 1922, King Victor Emmanuel III decided to hand over the government to them. .....

Lord Kelvin (1824 - 1907)
Words: 634 / Pages: 3

.... temperature scale in 1847, which was later named after him. In 1851 he published the paper, "On the Dynamical Theory of Heat", and in the same year was elected to the Royal Society. This work contained his ideas and version of the second law of thermodynamics as well as James Joule’s idea of the mechanical equivalent of heat. This idea claimed that heat and motion were combined, which now is taken as second nature. At the time, heat was thought to have been a fluid of some kind. Kelvin also maintained an interest in the age of the sun and calculated values for it. He assumed that the sun produced its radiant energy from the gravitational pot .....

Leonardo Da Vinci
Words: 870 / Pages: 4

.... it for magic (Cooper 15). He learned mathematics as a young boy, but amazingly he was bad at arithmetic. Found in some of his notes was an error in multiplying (8). Many more areas of productive traits Leonardo excelled at, leading him to become a famous painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, and scientist. His most recognizable talent that he is commonly remembered for is painting, which in where he mastered the two techniques of sfumato and chiaroscuro. Sfumato is the technique to transition color, into a smoky or hazy effect. Chiaroscuro is the mastery of shadows and shading (Encarta-96). He uses these techniques very well in his most famou .....

Alexander The Great
Words: 1538 / Pages: 6

.... - time, well - paid, highly skilled workers. Philip also developed new battle formations and new weapons for his armies. These weapons included catapults and battering rams on wheels. Philip then built an empire with his troops. Soon after coming to rule in 359 BC, he defeated large tribes to the north and west of Macedonia. He then turned south to Greece. The Greek army was no match for the Macedonian army and was defeated at the Battle of Chaeronia. In 338 BC, Philip became ruler of Greece. Philip could have ended Greece's independence, but he didn't. After he defeated Greece, he ordered that Athens not be destroyed because he admired thei .....

Biography: Jefferson, Thomas
Words: 1794 / Pages: 7

.... American rights. His forceful pamphlet A Summary View of the Rights of British America (1774) gained him the reputation that placed him on the committee of the Continental Congress charged with drafting the Declaration of Independence. As its principal author, Jefferson gave eloquent expression to the principles of the natural rights of man, among which, he affirmed, was self-government. Jefferson's intellectual prowess led some political opponents to dismiss him as a visionary, but he was remarkably successful in politics. As leader of the opposition to the Federalist policies of Alexander Hamilton and John Adams, Jefferson was put forward by his su .....

Words: 2818 / Pages: 11

.... was in fact an insult meaning "debauched" in Russian, it had been the family name for years, derived from the word for a fork in the road. Pokrovskoye perched on the banks of the Tura River in Tobolsk Province; Pokrovskoye was a typical Russian peasant village where few if any were educated and town’s people were religious, narrow minded and fearful. When was eight years old, he suffered his first tragedy. He was playing with his older brother along the banks of the Tura when Dimitri fell and was drowned. Shortly thereafter, began to startle his fellow-villagers by making amazing predictions. In one incident, correctly identified a horse thi .....

King Solomon
Words: 1665 / Pages: 7

.... races and tribes by marrying foreign women. An able administrator, Solomon kept the kingdom of Israel largely intact, strengthened its protection, and made alliances with several surrounding nations. He united his already strong position and even extended his influence by skillful diplomacy rather than war (8). International commerce and a large copper-mining industry aided in Solomon’s wealth. Contact with other nations showed his advanced intelligence. Solomon displayed political and administrative wisdom and showed himself equal to his father by taking full advantage of the chance for economic expansion. The Song of Solomon is a book of t .....

Marco Polo
Words: 303 / Pages: 2

.... father and uncles were merchants who traveled to distant lands to trade. In 1269 Marco's father, Nicolo`, and his uncle Maffeo returned to Venice after being away many years. On a trading expedition they had traveled overland as far as Cathay (China). Kublai Khan, the great Mongol emperor of China, asked them to return with teachers and missionaries for his people. So they set out again in 1271, and this time they took Marco. From Venice the Polos sailed to Acre, in Palestine. There two monks, missionaries to China, joined them. Fearing the hard journey ahead, however, the monks soon turned back. The Polos crossed the deserts of Persia (Iran) .....

William Shakespeare 2
Words: 1020 / Pages: 4

.... (Kirch 18) At a young age Shakespeare may have viewed annual plays and seen traveling artists. These performances possibly ignited a spark that continues to burn. (Wright 20) William Shakespeare was an Englishman who wrote poems and plays. According to many he was labeled as one of “the greatest dramatists the world has ever known and the finest poets” who wrote in the English language. Shakespeare’s work relied mostly on his instincts of nature. His understanding of other people allowed him to fully grasp the quality he wrote of. (Wadsworth 342) John Shakespeare married Mary Arden in 1557. Both the Shakespeare&# .....

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