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English Essay Writing Help

A Rose For Emily By William Faulkner
Words: 778 / Pages: 3

.... the years her father would run off her guy friends and she began not having a social life. After her father's death she met a man named Homer Barron and began to go out a little. The town people were happy for her because they now seen her a little more and it was better than to be in a old house all the time. Emily began to think that some day she and Homer would marry, and when things went wrong she poisoned him. As time passed people began to wonder, and a smell began developing. Although the smell was hitting everyone in the town, no one said anything, instead they sprinkled lime all over her house. Emily died a time later. After the town .....

Words: 896 / Pages: 4

.... female hero; moreover, she is unusual among other heroines” (Rosenberg 330). She possesses courage and intelligence, things that weren’t seen in Chinese women. Using her creativity, she saved her life and won the admiration of all the towns’ people. “In silent awe, the county officials had witnessed Chi Li’s battle” (Chi Li 333). She was so impressive, even the head of the town was impressed. She made a mark for all women in Chinese culture. Another type of hero is one who does it to be a role model. In the story of “King Arthur” King Arthur himself is the true hero. He is this great king that is loved by his whole kingdom and .....

Do What You Want, Just As Long As They Say So
Words: 787 / Pages: 3

.... that enter our country every year- the hundreds of lost people, who are ‘running’ from what they saw as true hell in their native lands. Why are they coming here? They must obviously see something that many of us born here have taken for granted our entire lives. Americans are stubborn people. We have been given a world to live in, where by law, no one is oppressed or forced to do anything. But given even this amount of liberty, too many of us feel it isn’t enough. They constantly search for the loopholes, the ways to make there lives customized because what America sees as unfit for our culture, others may want to try to change. Let us .....

Crucible: "We Are Our Own Worst Enemies"
Words: 556 / Pages: 3

.... that "this man is blackening my name", and constantly taking stabs at Proctor's defense, for he appears not to quit until Proctor is finally driven to the end. But this was not the only situation in which his honest personality have betrayed him. John Proctor was heading toward despair at the opening scene of the play, as the readers later found out that he had committed adultery with Abigail. But he did not honestly tell his wife, Elizabeth, the truth until the midst of the play. This later had influence to the turning point of the play as Elizabeth confront to Danforth that Proctor did not commit any sins, when in fact she is just trying to .....

Comparison Between Call Of The
Words: 365 / Pages: 2

.... in tell the story of a dog’s struggle in his journey through the harsh cold of the Klondike. Of Mice and Men was almost equally good except for being a little more complex than Call of the Wild. I enjoyed reading Jack London’s works because when he tells a story he gets straight to the point in saying what he has to say. John Steinbeck gradually builds on to his stories and doesn’t get to the point as soon as Jack London but tells a compelling story in his own special way. The book that was better written was Call of the Wild because in my opinion it was very easy to read and it was one of those books were it keeps you t .....

Hamlet The Challenge Of Reveng
Words: 543 / Pages: 2

.... the challenge but his thoughts have destory his way to success. Hamlet concerns too much and would not accept Horatio's opinion fully exxpresse his wilfully action. Facing challenge and overcome it is a good thing to do. if a person would not listen to accept others advice, eventhough a person is a smart enough would also lead himself to downfull. The second kind of person is the one that does not have self-confidence and opinion who always leads by someone's order. Laertes is a good example of the second person. He wants to have revenge for his father but all he does was listening or taking orders from the King Claudius. He never has his way o .....

Words: 1932 / Pages: 8

.... Elie Wiesel has paid much attention to an inner desire and need to serve humanity by illuminating the hate-darkened past. is a horrifying account of a Nazi death camp that turns Elie Wiesel from a young Jewish boy into a distressed and grief-stricken witness to the death of his family, the death of his friends, even the death of his own innocence and his faith in G-d. He saw his family, friends and fellow Jews first severely degraded and then sadistically murdered. He enters the camp a child and leaves a man. At the book’s end, Elie bears little resemblance to the teenage boy who left Sighet almost a year earlier. is a memoir exquisitely .....

Barn Burning
Words: 1129 / Pages: 5

.... has be ingrained in him. He thinks to himself, Enemy! Enemy!, referring to the people that his father and his family for that matter are up against. Sarty would later discover that things are not always the way that his father leads everyone to believe they are. Sarty, somewhere deep down wants to just do what is right, but being roughly 10 years old, I don’t think he quite has that figured out yet. His sense of right and wrong has been biased under the tyranny of his father. We also get a good idea of the personality of the father, Abner, by the way Sarty describes his physical appearance. Abner is not a man of a lot of words, demonstrated in many .....

A Visit To A Small Planet
Words: 372 / Pages: 2

.... of the people on Earth. Again, Kreton showed no sign of knowing right from wrong. “He is morally retarded”, said the visitor, who gives away the theme near the end of the play, which is exactly correct. At no point during the play does Kreton show any sign of knowing anything about morals or love. He overlooks the love of the Speldings and everything that they give him. Instead of showing thanks to the Speldings, Kreton does the opposite and tries to start a war. I believe that kreton's care of only negative traits was both useful and destructive. Without even knowing, Kreton indirectly showed the characters of the play that they overused .....

Broken Ground By Jack Hodgins
Words: 1358 / Pages: 5

.... , and fathers two children. He, like many others, is filled with both awe and terror toward the land he is expected to settle, as is proven when he states that When [he] first set eyes on [the] logged-off stretch of second-growth timber [he was] expected to turn into [a farm], [he was] shaken with the extravagant beauty of the green Pacific world. Snow-peaked mountains, thick underbrush high as [his] waist, and salt water so close [he] could smell it. But... [he was] scared off right away by the unexpected. Forest fires, mountain lions, and rain. (Book 1 Chapter 2 P.17) The harshness of his surroundings also has adverse effects on his sanity. At some .....

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