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Science Essay Writing Help

Into The Depths Of A Black Hole
Words: 1263 / Pages: 5

.... gigantic, gas clouds bind together due to attractive forces and form a hot core, combined from all the energy of the two gas clouds. This energy produced is so great when it first collides, that a nuclear reaction occurs, and the gases within the star start to burn continuously. The Hydrogen gas is usually the first type of gas consumed in a star and then other gas elements such as Carbon, Oxygen, and Helium are consumed. This chain reaction fuels the star for millions, or billions, of years depending upon the amount of gases there are. The star manages to avoid collapsing at this point because of the equilibrium achieved by itself. The g .....

Words: 362 / Pages: 2

.... a person's body is paralyzed. Through reactions alkanes can be transformed into chloroform. This has been shown to accumulate in lungs of swimmers after they swim for extended periods of time. As mentioned above chloroform can be produced which can be used for anesthesia. Also dichloromethane, or paint stripper and 1,2-dichloroethane which is a dry cleaning fluid. Here is a sample reaction where a halogen replaces a hydrogen. CH4(g) + C12(g) ----> CH3Cl(g) + HCl(g) There are many uses for alkanes, for instance: Propane is used in gas grills, butane is used in cigarette lighters, through various reactions scientists can make paint stri .....

Marijuana (simple Essay Without Concution)
Words: 327 / Pages: 2

.... plants do grow wild in many parts of the world. This plants has been used for thousands of years for medical use only until the 19th century when use of cannabis spread from China and the Middle East to the population of Europe and America. Since that time cannabis became illegal and very popular drug known in all countries. In some way the affects of the marijuana may be serious. When smoked, the effects of cannabis begin immediately. When eaten the effects can take 1 to 2 hours to begin, depending on how much food is in the stomach. The effect after smoking cannabis may last for 1-2 hours and when eaten, the effects may sometimes last longer th .....

Bacterial Conjugation Experiment
Words: 1154 / Pages: 5

.... the F genes start travelling across the pilus, bringing the remainder of the genome behind it. Most often, the entire genome isn't transferred. The bacterial genome that is delivered can be measured in minutes from the origin of transfer. That is, the amount of time it takes for a particular gene to be transferred from one bacterium to another indicated how far it is from the origin of replication. METHODS AND MATERIALS: Media Preparation: The starting material was Medium 56-glucose agar (MM560). The components of the MM56 are found in figure 1. From this, we made two types of media, complete and selective. The reagents used, along with their sto .....

The Cosmos: Creation
Words: 602 / Pages: 3

.... atoms in the lab. Furthermore he found that the farther away the galaxy was the more it was shifted toward the red end of the spectrum. Hubble attributed this shift to the doppler effect. Hubble saw this and concluded that all galaxies are rushing away from us and the universe is expanding as a whole. Modern equipment has observed and verified this so-called Hubble expansion exists throughout the observable universe. This shows three important things. First there is no significance to the fact that earth seems to be the center of the universal expansion. In any galaxy it would look as if you were standing still and all others were rus .....

Flesh-eating Bacteria
Words: 1749 / Pages: 7

.... Long before humans discovered antibiotics, they existed in nature. So naturally, after penicillin was introduced, some germs were already naturally resistant to the drug. As we used more and more of the antibiotics, we incidentally caused drug-resistant germs to progress. So, even if you’ve never misused antibiotics, you could still become infected by bacterium most drugs won’t kill. For each drug, there are germs genetically programmed to survive- some w/ outer walls tough for antibiotic to cross, others with ways to dump the drugs back out before they can work, and yet others can inactivate the antibiotic. Even worse, by passing t .....

Creation Of The Beach
Words: 1256 / Pages: 5

.... eroded continental material--sand, gravel, and cobble fragments--is washed to sea by streams and rivers. Two separate processes result in the deposit of this sand and sediment on the shore. Most sediment is suspended in sea water and transported along the coast by the longshore current, a stream of water flowing parallel to the beach that is created by the action of waves breaking at an angle to shore. Longshore transport can deliver up to a million cubic yards of sediment annually to a single beach. In the second process, sand deposited onshore by the longshore current is then oscillated by waves breaking onto and receding from the beach. This contin .....

Words: 316 / Pages: 2

.... four times and evolve into the pupa stage. The pupa stage of development is a time when the young mosquito does not feed. After about two days the pupa evolves into an adult mosquito. The new adult mosquito escapes from the pupae skin be splitting the skin open and resting at the water surface to allow its' body parts to harden. can complete the entire egg to adult cycle in 10 to 14 days, depending on the temperature, with shorter times during warmer periods. Some species can even reach the adult stage in as little as two to three days. Why Do We Need ? Mosquitoes are very abundant. Many of the eggs that mosquitoes lay in the water, and ne .....

Words: 417 / Pages: 2

.... will appear to have good potential. So it must be tested widely, which costs a lot of time and speed is one of the critical factors. If the construction is financed by loans, it leads up to high interest costs. The economics of a mine depends upon ore reserves, grade, type of ore, and the location. In order to mine, many months and millions of dollars have to spend in construction. There are only a few mines are discovered in convenient places, this costs a lot on transportation and labor on such an atmosphere. Construction includes food, health, accommodation and recreation facilities for the hundreds of working man. Water, power, communication, .....

Asimov On Chemistry By Isaac Asimov
Words: 1067 / Pages: 4

.... make some discoveries about inflammable gas and proved water to be an oxide. The Element of Perfection Asimov talks about astronomers in the mid 1800's, and how they made the spectroscope. Only then does he start to mention a element a french chemist belived to be new or maybe just a heavier from of nitrogen. Inert gases and there liquefaction points are then listed along when they when fisrt liquefied by a chemist. Welcome, Stranger! This talks about the rarest of stable enert gases, xenon. It also tells why that in 1962 so many expirements were done involving this gas. Fisrt it defines the word gas, and talks about different types in about .....

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