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Health Essay Writing Help

Abortion: Birth Control Or Legal Murder?
Words: 2606 / Pages: 10

.... side is that the unborn child is not truly a child. Many people who are pro-abortion justify their beliefs through the concept that a fetus is only a blob of tissue until it is born, or the statement: life begins at birth. Abortion is not as simple as removing a "blob of tissue" (as the pro-abortion activists put it) from a woman's body. Abortion is the destruction, dismembering and killing of a human life--an unborn baby. "But it is scientific and medical fact based on experimental evidence, that a fetus is a living, growing, thriving human being, directing his or her own development" (Fetal Development). A fetus is not just a blob of tissue .....

Alcohol Use Among Teens And Young Adults
Words: 1130 / Pages: 5

.... problem, usually beginning in high school. In an article in the September 13, 1999 issue of Time magazine, Amy Dickinson interviewed a group of eighteen students attending a liberal arts college near her home. Of the group of eighteen, five of them had previously been hospitalized for alcohol overdoses, and two had been treated by paramedics on campus for overdoses as well. The author commented that the mind-set of the students was not to “get drunk and silly” but instead to drink for the sole purpose of passing out. The students also reported that there is a “beer-friendly” attitude on the campus and that it is easy for anyone, even und .....

Nutrition: Facts On Malnutrition
Words: 914 / Pages: 4

.... develop a specific deficiency disease. Energy Weight loss is an obvious sign of a diet too low in energy. Children who do not meet their needs for energy may stop growing and gaining weight. To try to reduce the effects of a diet low in energy people usually become less active. In severe cases, a low energy intake results in starvation. Children, especially those under 5 years of age, suffer from the effects of starvation more quickly than adults. In severe situations, they can develop a condition which is life threatening called protein energy malnutrition. This means that their diet provides too little energy and protein. Kwashiorkor and maras .....

Males In The Nursing Profession
Words: 1628 / Pages: 6

.... Boughn (1994), states three main reasons why men enter nursing: " psycho-social motivation as defined as the desire to care for others; practical motivation, specifically as related to job security and salary; and feelings of power and empowerment." Contrary to societal views about males and caring, the masculine gender does have a sensitive side. For example, many men like nursing because of the satisfaction that comes from helping others or from saving a life. I can relate to some of the male nurses views. I find extreme pleasure from helping others and it is good to know that I am going to be in a profession where I can help others daily. Anothe .....

AIDS Esssay
Words: 501 / Pages: 2

.... causes families to break up. The right and wrong of drugs and AIDS prevents things such as family time during the week. There is not enough care and effort put into the families when a person is engulfed by AIDS. Drugs has made AIDS a moral issue because there is no family time spent when there should be. The Bible says that no one should have sex before marriage. One who believes in the Bible would follow this command. Some people think that nothing will happen to them or that a person can only get AIDS by needles. Unprotected sex outside of marriage, in the eyes of some, is considered wrong. Through unprotected sex people can contract AI .....

Treating Bulimia
Words: 774 / Pages: 3

.... group, the eating disorder is a much more active part of one's daily life, and in these situations it will obviously take a much longer time. A deep-rooted eating disorder is a very serious condition and treatment typically involves years, not months. Some people expect that when the eating disturbance goes away, psychotherapy is over. This is not true. The process of psychotherapy helps a person resolve the emotional dilemmas that led them to food in the first place. This part of treatment fully begins when the eating itself is less of an issue. Then a psychotherapist deals with the psychological aspects of the disease. When someone enters ther .....

Words: 1416 / Pages: 6

.... usually mean you will develop active disease. A person's natural body defenses are usually able to control the infection so that it does not cause disease. In this case, the person would be infected, but not have active disease. Only about 10% of those infected will actually develop TB in their lifetimes. Active disease can occur in an infected person when the body's resistance is low or if there is a large or prolonged exposure to the germs that overcome the body's natural defenses. The body's response to active TB infection produces inflammation which can eventually damage the lungs. The amount of damage may be quite extensive, yet the symptoms may .....

Doctor Assisted Suicide
Words: 1062 / Pages: 4

.... people; other people seem to think it is immoral and unethical. But I feel if somebody is terminally ill, why should they go through the suffering when they will die anyway. Physician assisted suicide should be legal in all states because it ends the suffering of many ill people. People have a right to die if they choose to. The only problem is that some states have decided to not allow physician assisted suicide. For example, people like Dr. Kevorkian has been under much scrutiny for assisting in deaths. I don’t necessarily agree with his bedside manor and his “icy okey-doke” (Goodman, 495) But when somebody decides to take his own life, it is .....

The Respiratory System
Words: 763 / Pages: 3

.... In this system, small vessels join to form larger vessels the largest vessel, the pulmonary vein carries blood to the left side of the heart back into the body tissues. The Larynx is a hollow chamber in which the voice is produced, at the upper part of the windpipe; it is also called the voice box. It leads from the lower portion of the pharynx to the trachea and is next to esophagus, behind the skin and connective tissue of the throat. The larynx is supported by ligaments from the hyoid bone, at the base of the tongue. Going into the trachea The trachea, is a section of respiratory tract in the neck, extending between the larynx and the bronchi .....

Huntington's Disease
Words: 1082 / Pages: 4

.... researchers have no idea what the gene does in the body. Huntington's disease is an inherited mutation that produces extra copies of a gene sequence (IT15) on the short arm of chromosome 4. A genetic base that exists in triplicate, CAG for short, is effected by Huntington's disease. In normal people, the gene has eleven to thirty-four of these, but, in a victim of Huntington's disease the gene exists from anywhere between thirty-five to one-hundred or more. The gene for the disease is dominant, giving children of victims of Huntington's disease a 50% chance of obtaining the disease. Several other symptoms of the disease exist other than chorea. High .....

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