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Poetry Essay Writing Help

By Means Of Power
Words: 784 / Pages: 3

.... lines are broken up accent the idea. "Ready to kill"(3) is on its own line, while "yourself"(4) is on the next. This is the theme that is running throughout the entire poem. In the next section of Lordes poem she describes a dreamlike situation. This is where her son has been shot, probably in the face. Although "blood from his punctured cheeks and shoulders/is the only liquid for miles"(9-10), "my mouth splits into dry lips"(12). With the death of her boy she is willing to sacrifice her own need of any quenching of her lips. She is "thirsting for the wetness of his blood"(14) but it is more important to resist the temptation, "trying to make .....

Robert Frost's "Two Tramps In Mud Time"
Words: 491 / Pages: 2

.... focus on "me" or "my", indicating the apparrent selfishness and arrogance of the narrator: "The blows that a life of self-control/Spares to strike for the common good/That day, giving a loose to my soul,/I spent on the unimportant wood." The narrator refers to releasing his suppressed anger not upon evils that threaten "the common good", but upon the "unimportant wood". The appparent arrogance of the narrator is revealed as well by his reference to himself as a Herculean figure standing not alongside nature, but over it: "The grip on earth of outspread feet,/The life of muscles rocking soft/And smooth and moist in vernal heat." Unexpectedly .....

Harwood's "Impromptu For Ann Jennings" And "Home Of Mercy"
Words: 1690 / Pages: 7

.... by stressing the difficulties of motherhood and ends the poem by discussing the powerful community of women, who are able to share together the burdens and joys of motherhood. The way Harwood presents to us the women in this poem are that through childbirth they have been bought closer together and have become emotionally stronger. There is no mention of the husband's in the poem which also leads the reader to believe that the women are independent and strong. The opening two stanzas are very reflective of their times together. "Sing, memory, sing those seasons in the freezing suburb of Fern Tree, a rock-shaded place with tree ferns, gullies, s .....

The Theme Of Death In Poems
Words: 817 / Pages: 3

.... down, and the carriage driver past the sun, but she realizes they weren't passing the sun, it was passing them; time was passing by, past her life. Her life has now past her by, and she is arriving at her final destination, which was her grave, yet she describes it as her house. In the end she is looking back, and sees how centuries have passed, yet she isn't passing by anymore, and to her this hundred years seems as no time at all. Finally she accepts her death, and is able to pass into eternity. To her death wasn't harsh like some see it, but a kindly, gentle soul, taking her for a carriage ride to her final home. A child experiences death mu .....

The Lives And Works Of Elizabeth Barrett And Robert Browning
Words: 1375 / Pages: 5

.... and painting. He was an extremely bright child and a fierce reader. He learned Latin, Greek, French, and Italian by the time he was fourteen. He attended the University of London in 1928, but left discontent to pursue an education at his own pace. The young Browning had before him the influences of Burns, Wordsworth, Byron, Shelley, and Keats. He began to prepare himself to soon be in their company. Byron was the first influence and inspiration to Browning’s first boyish attempts as a poet. Later after coming upon a copy of Shelly’s Queen Mab he fell under the fascination of this new poet. It was then that he started his formal career in .....

Poe's "The Conqueror Worm": Deeper Meaning To The Poem
Words: 760 / Pages: 3

.... a good job, succeeding, having a family and ultimately dieing happily. Along with their hopes, everyone also has their personal fears. The characters of the poem are also some very meaningful keys in showing the hidden meaning. The first stanza describes the crowd that has gathered to watch the enactment of our human lives. Lines three and four states "an angel throng, bewinged, and bedight in veils, and drowned in tears." Poe is stating that a group of angels is going to watch the spectacle put on for them, although they are already drowning in the tears from plays before. The orchestra that plays for them is another set of characters that .....

Millay Vs Cummings
Words: 221 / Pages: 1

.... with death an ho we must act in order to accept it. In "since Feeling Is First, Cumming's theme is just the opposite. Cummings is saying we should enjoy life by acting like a fool and not talin things seriously. Millay stresses the unimportance of feelin. "life must go on,/ And the dead by forgotten" (15-16). Cummmings attitude is totally different. He believes that feelings are very important. Cummings streeses that being foolish is better than being smart and serious: "and kisses are better fate/ than wisdom."(8-9) Millay uses simple language, where as cummings uses more complete language. In "Lament," Millay stresses her point by usinga .....

Sonnet 18
Words: 612 / Pages: 3

.... compare his love to this ideal day, "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?"(ll.1); but decides against it in his second line because he feels his love is "more lovely and more temperate"(ll. 2) during that day. He then proceeds to bombard us with images of natural nuisances such as windy days that "…shake the darling buds of May"(ll. 3); which hot weather magnified because it is coming from heaven and the seasons are changing. Shakespeare has taken the idea of a warm breezy summer day and twisted it into a sweltering day with the sun beating down on us. However, in the lines after the destruction of a nice day, he twists things back by the comm .....

T. S. Eliot's "The Hollow Men"
Words: 1263 / Pages: 5

.... subtle, more suggestive, and at the same time more precise. He learned the necessity of clear and precise images, and he learned too, to fear romantic softness and to regard the poetic medium rather than the poet's personality as the important factor. Eliot saw in the French symbolists how image could be both absolutely precise in what it referred to physically and at the same time endlessly suggestive in the meanings it set up because of its relationship to other images. Eliot's real novelty was his deliberate elimination of all merely connective and transitional passages, his building up of the total pattern of meaning through the immediate c .....

What Is Poetry
Words: 644 / Pages: 3

.... It envelopes the rages and the burning desire held in the hearts of many people. The catastrophic emotions of Romeo and Juliet were caught through poetry. After reading this work you can either walk away sympathetic or jealous of the love they had. Poetry is also a mystery. How is one to tell whether Shakespear intended for the reader to feel sympathetic or jealous when he wrote “Romeo and Juliet”? Poetry allows the reader to explore his own emotions and judge his own heart and desires because they have been brought to his attention by the poetry. Overall, poetry is an outlet. It allows us to express the unfathomable thoughts t .....

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