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Science Essay Writing Help

Lighting Advancments
Words: 2248 / Pages: 9

.... fire depended on fuel and needed proper conditions to operate (no rain, minimal wind). Another disadvantage is that fire, if not handled properly, could result in a brush fire or even burn down their shelter. An advantage was it was efficient when conditions were correct. It provided an inexpensive form of lighting, and could be used for cooking and heating. Due to the persistent problem of limited fuel, inhabitants looked for a way to prolong the fuel. (Thwig 29-34) The next step in lighting that followed was a candle. Candles offered one main advantage over the fire by itself, fuel. A candle was able to provide a long burning light and was relativ .....

Words: 583 / Pages: 3

.... also much quieter. was the answer to the challenges of designing rubber hoses and belts for agricultural, industrial, and automotive equipment (DuPont). 49 is used in mainly body armor and making architectural structures stronger (Sci. & Inv. Enc., 1354). 49 is mainly made out of coal, corn, air, and water; making it rot and rust resistant. Compared to steel and concrete, 49's psi (pressure per square inch) is 525,000, steel's is 36,000, and concrete's is 3,000 (New Necessities). The blast suppression, or body armor, is strong enough to endure machine gun fire (up to .3 caliber), land mines, terroristic weapons, and a chainsaw (New Necessitie .....

Effects Of Secondhand Smoke
Words: 314 / Pages: 2

.... to develop with children who breathe secondhand smoke ( It can also exacerbate frequent attacks. Babies are three times more likely to die form Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) if their mothers smoke during pregnancy. Ear infection, coughs, sore throat and even cancer can also develop if children are expose to secondhand smoke. With all these harmful to children, there are ways to protect them from it. First, as a parent, don’t smoke. If you are a smoker, quit! If you can’t, don’t smoke in your house, in the car or near your children. Have a permanent place outside the house just for smoking purposes only. Make sure that .....

Words: 966 / Pages: 4

.... 1996). The thermal underwear is duofold, with an outer layer made of 65% cotton, 25% wool, and 10% nylon, and an inner layer made of 100% cotton. It's the winter again and the weather is becoming colder. Each morning many people wonder what to wear to stay as warm as possible, but they aren't sure which material will keep them warmest. The experiment was chosen to see which clothing insulator retains the most heat. "Insulation is material that protects against heat, cold, electricity, or sound." (Science Encyclopedia, 1984). In this case the insulation will be protecting against a cold temperature. The hypothesis is if denim, cotton T-shirt .....

Acid Rain: Scourge From The Skies
Words: 995 / Pages: 4

.... able to supply sufficient proof to his findings and convince the reader of the true severity of acid rain. Collins used noteworthy facts throughout the essay to prove is point about how severe acid rain truly is. The facts that he used added substance to the essay by validating his point of view. In the same way, the author used effective illustrations and examples to prove his point. These examples and illustrations simplified the readers understanding as to how severe acid rain is and how we can try to prevent it. For instance, one great illustration adopted in the essay reports, “Lumsden Lake, on the north shore of Ontario’s Georgian Bay, .....

Nigeria Rainforest
Words: 240 / Pages: 1

.... of logging companies among a number of other things. Rainforests across the world are being destroyed everyday. These rainforests are being destroyed by human efforts which are centred around greed. Oil companines drilling for oil, logging companies, and fires are the leading causes in destroying the last Nigerian Rainforest. Rainforests cover only two percent of the entire earth’s surface.1 It is estimated that ninety-five percent of Nigeria’s rainforest has been destroyed. A Hong Kong company is logging out of Nigeria for the use of ply-wood, toothpicks, veneer, and chopsticks.2 People need to become more educated abo .....

Acid Rain
Words: 449 / Pages: 2

.... the problem. Winds can carry the pollutants thousands of kilometers away from their source. The British government has recognized that sulfur emissions from power plants in the United Kingdom are contributing to acid deposition in Scandinavia. Canadian emissions contribute substantially to in the northeastern United States, for example, and much of the sulfur falling in eastern Canada is believed to originate in the United States. In 1986 the U.S. National Academy of Sciences acknowledged that from U.S. sources had become a serious problem in the eastern United States and Canada. Although the Canadian government has agreed to reduce su .....

Cloning 3
Words: 507 / Pages: 2

.... It gives us a sense of individuality and distinctiveness. If many people had the same DNA, how would we preserve our diversity and sense of self? Human cloning also raises many ethical and moral issues. Different religious groups regard cloning in different ways, but most agree on one point. Cloning puts the work of God into our own hands. The creation of life then becomes a manufacturing of duplicates instead of a "creative act of God". It is also important to consider the repercussions of cloning on the cloned individual. Numerous psychological problems may arise if a person discovers that he or she was cloned. How would a child feel if th .....

Science Experiment On Odor Changes Of Various Chemicals
Words: 1820 / Pages: 7

.... you will see, it took a lot of researching to come up with the correct answer and see if my hypothesis was correct. I first had to research all of my chemicals and note their specific contributions to the experiment. The chemicals included vinegar, ethyl alcohol, sulfuric acid, salicylic acid, and methyl alcohol. RESEARCH OF THE PROBLEM To start my project, I researched vinegar. Vinegar is a sour liquid with a pungent odor, containing acetic acid, and is made by fermenting dilute alcoholic liquids such as cider, wine, or other fruit juice. Vinegar is used as a condiment, preservative, and in certain medicines (2: 1214). Ethyl Alcohol is also .....

Cadmium And Sewage Sludge
Words: 1239 / Pages: 5

.... but it is used mostly in metal plating, pigments, batteries, and plastics. Cadmium in the Environment Small quantities of cadmium occur naturally in air, water, soil and food. For most people, food is the primary source of cadmium exposure, since food materials tend to take up and retain cadmium. For example, plants take up cadmium from soil; fish take up cadmium from water, and so on. It is introduced into the environment from mining and smelting operations. Other cadmium emissions are from fossil fuel use, fertilizer application, sewage sludge disposal or galvanized pie corrosion. The largest source of these cadmium releases into the genera .....

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