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Medieval Weapons

Beginning of paper
ARMOR The weapons and protection of medieval times was quiet strange and beautiful. Armor began as leather that had been tempered and soaked in a substance, and when dried made it awfully stiff. Needless to say against the early swords of the time it was not very effective. After the discovery of ....

Middle of paper
.... a need for a stronger piece of armor that was a single plate. Huge suits of plate armor were developed and used to fend off any attacks. They could withstand sword blows and even arrows. The average suit of armor consisted of around 20 pieces, weighed about 50 pounds, and cost as much as a small farm. Because of the huge cost many knights would scavenge for armor on the battlefield. As weapons, such as crossbows and guns, were improved armor slowly became very ineffective. Bullets would te ....

Word count: 643
Page count: 3 (approximately 250 words per page)

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