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Tumbleweed: Central Theme

Beginning of paper
The central theme of the poem “Tumbleweed” by David Wagoner is a tumbleweed that bounces from one place to the next. It is buffeted by the wind, and it ends up stuck on a fence from which it is rescued by the poet to continue its way. In the first stanza, the poet tells us that the tumbleweed ....

Middle of paper
.... and injury that the tumbleweed was thrown against a fence, a kind of prison from which it is difficult to escape. So the tumbleweed and the poet are both thrust against the barbed wire of life. This is another metaphor for the poet's difficult life. The poet and the tumbleweed are stuck in a painful, difficult situation. They are prisoners of their surroundings, helpless. “Like a riddled prisoner.” The words riddled prisoner are used to give us a powerful, painful, picture of the lost and ....

Word count: 758
Page count: 3 (approximately 250 words per page)

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