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Poe's Literary Vengence

Beginning of paper
Edgar Allan Poe is considered to be the master of the short fiction in Literature. His works seem to be based upon his tumultuous relationship with his stepfather. Grolier's Encyclopedia tells us Poe like his stepfather was an orphan at an early age. It also tells us Poe was reared by John a ....

Middle of paper
.... estrangement forced Poe to make decisions about his life that he would not have had to consider at such and early age. Fortunato was a wealthy man who was admired in his community. I feel that is how Poe relates Forutnato to his step- father. Martha Womack quotes from Kenneth Silverman's book Edgar A. Poe: A Never-Ending Remembrance. "Allan much resembled Fortunato being a rich man, respected, admired, beloved, interested in the wines, and a member of the Masons." Womack goes on ....

Word count: 1277
Page count: 5 (approximately 250 words per page)

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