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Treatment Of Women In Voltaire's Period

Beginning of paper
Contrasting the modern day women to the women in Voltaire’s period, we can look into the past and the present and see how women’s roles have changed. Women tried to overcome the notion that they are more than just sex objects, alive just to satisfy a mans needs and desires. There were unjust ....

Middle of paper
.... sort of training or education by the philosopher Pangloss. They were not formally taught and if they wanted to learn things, they would have to go to private tutoring without the knowledge of the Baron. Women didn’t know anything about money or about the sciences. Cunègonde, was so fascinated by the sciences that she would hide in the bushes to listen to Pangloss teach a private lesson to her mother’s maid. The Baroness’s who were wealthy, were viewed primarily as hostesses. The ....

Word count: 1499
Page count: 6 (approximately 250 words per page)

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