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"Failure Is A Step Towards Success"

Beginning of paper
It is amazing when people are faced with failure, how they can turn it around to create success from that failure. In both short stories "The Lamp At Noon" and "The Blue Kimono", George, Marthe and Ellen showed some type of failure. Then, turning it around and making a success out of it. E ....

Middle of paper
.... see Ellen was a very negative type of person, a complete failure. She was always thinking negatively and could never say anything positive about the situation. I think she found later found out how much of a mistake it was when the baby died. It did all create success in the end. The storm finally ended in the three days Paul said it would. Paul accepted Ellen back into the family after she ran away. The last thing was that Paul promised her that he would change his crops, breed cattle ....

Word count: 600
Page count: 3 (approximately 250 words per page)

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