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Causes Of Schizophrenia

Beginning of paper
, bipolar disorder Illnesses like schizophrenia bring untold misery to sufferers and their families. The suffering is magnified because of the unique stigma attached to these illnesses. Unlike other illnesses, it marks not only afflicted individuals, but also their relatives. For example the concep ....

Middle of paper
.... with several affected members. While such clustering'could also be due to shared non-inherited (environmental') factors,more convincing evidence has come from twin studies, as well as studies of ill individuals who were adopted away before the onset of illness. It is fair to say that even such studies do not suggest inherited factors as the sole causes. A more reasonable explanation is that there are individuals who have an inherited proneness to illness. Such individuals may fall ill, ....

Word count: 959
Page count: 4 (approximately 250 words per page)

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