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There Are No Children Here

Beginning of paper
, by Alex Kotlowitz, is about kids who live in the Henry Horner Projects. They live in extreme poverty and surrounded by danger. I live in Deerfield, where there is very little violence and for my family, money is not a problem. Even though there are differences in our lives we still go through ....

Middle of paper
.... round, he was against his friend Clarise. Pharoah missed his word and Clarise won the spelling bee. Pharoah was still very please because his friend won and second place was good for him. This shows how good of a character he was. It takes a very unselfish person to be able to be happy with what you have and also be happy for your friend. Some people may have been jealous and upset that their friend got all the attention and took first place from them. The same personality trate applie ....

Word count: 810
Page count: 3 (approximately 250 words per page)

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