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Music Essay Writing Help

Words: 1048 / Pages: 4

.... Neo-Freudian whose theory I feel related most closely to the little information that was given in 's biography would have to be Karen Horney. Due to the fact that she focused on the social relationship between a parent and a child, and believed that early relationships in life, particularly ones between parent and child, have a strong effect on the way a person's personality develops. This could be true in regards to because his experiences with his parents, growing up as a child were in no way good. For example, for reasons never explained to him, he was sent to live with a white foster family until he was four. When his mother unexpectedly .....

Early History Of The Pipe Organ
Words: 1567 / Pages: 6

.... of a blacksmith, came into use with the organ. Numerous bellows were used to supply air to the wind-chest, often being pumped in pairs by men. The disadvantages of this method of air supply include the lack of consistent pressure, which leads to inconsistent pitch and tuning; also, many people were required to operate the bellows since there were upwards of twenty-four bellows per organ (Hopkins & Rimbault 35). Also, with organs of this size, the bellows took up large amounts of space, thus forcing the organ to be located in a fixed place, such as a church. Up until the eleventh century (approximately), pitch and range of organs were extremely .....

New Orleans Jazz Band: Dag
Words: 1164 / Pages: 5

.... for the "Home of Jazz." My goal in New Orleans was to try and have a comparable experience to that of one of the popular Jazz artists would have had upon his/her first visit to New Orleans in the early 1900s. Bourbon Street, the French Quarter, Jimmy Buffet's Maragaritaville, The Flamingo, the Garden District, and Moolate's all helped me to get into the proper frame of mind of experiencing true Jazz. The focus of this report will be on my life changing experience at a little place known as The House of Blues. This amazing combination of bar and stage created one of the most conducive atmospheres to music listening that I have ever been inv .....

Franz Liszt And Kurt Cobain
Words: 412 / Pages: 2

.... much like Kurt Cobain, the late lead singer of the rock band Nirvana. Kurt Cobain was born on February 20, 1967, in Aberdeen, Washington. He was passed on to several relatives after his parents divorced when he was eight years old. For some time he even lived under a bridge and was hospitalized for a heroin addiction. It was not entirely unexpected that Cobain committed suicide. He had had entered a coma by overdosing on a mixture of champagne and tranquilizers on March 4. Also, Kurt's family history showed that two of his father's uncles committed suicide, along with the fact that there were a lot of dysfunctional marriages and alcoholism present. .....

Song Analysis: "Betterman”
Words: 596 / Pages: 3

.... The lyrics are very important in a song and in this song they express really strong feeling. Love is symbolized in the song through the words that are song. The words help say a message and tell you how easily you can fall in love but how painful it can be to fall back out. It lets you understand love more I think and shows you how strong love is. It really lets you hear the pain love can cause and how much you go through when love is destroyed. The song symbolizes anger and how angry you can get when things break apart. The lyrics tell you how easily you can lie to yourself to try to make something better and how it never works out if you .....

Progression Of Music From The 1940's To The Present
Words: 1014 / Pages: 4

.... 50's marked a beginning for a new era of music to be known as Rock & Roll. Many of the artists took advantage of the Electric guitar, developed for popular music in the 1930's but never really became popular until the 50's. Rock & Roll was a combination of many music styles in an upbeat sort of fashion. One example of when country had an impact on Rock & Roll was with Bill Haley and Jerry Lee Lewis. Jerry's career was huge, with his hits like "Whole Lotta Shakin' goin' On" and "Great Balls of Fire". That is, his career was huge, until the it was made public that he fell in love with a married his 13 year old cousin. In 1957 Rock & Roll had b .....

Review Of Gyorgi Ligeti's Danse Macarbei
Words: 279 / Pages: 2

.... this piece, I certainly was wide awake when it was over. Ligeti seems to have sculpted a piece together from bits and pieces of other musical styles: a sort of modern-art approach to music. The violins tuning without a care in the first few moments, the slow mock continuo of the highly dissonant bassoon counterpoint, and the later high pitch of a clarinet all seem to be broad, bold strokes on a canvas of sound. Ideas come floating to the front of the imaginary "stage", and drop back behind newer themes. The percussion also adds considerably to the complexity of the piece in the later minutes, stomping along without any respect for the classical viol .....

A Brief History Of Ledd Zeppelin And Its Musical Impact
Words: 1203 / Pages: 5

.... different, they are not as distant as one might think. Nearly all music from the '60s and '70s was bred from its earlier ancestors. Music has been constantly evolving, and during the two decades in question, it underwent a radical change like never before. The New Yardbirds In early 1968 the music group The Yardbirds was in shambles. Their last, and half-put --together album "Little Games" was a total flop and the band had to struggle to have the release of the album in the UK stopped. On March 30, the group allowed a taping of their concert in Madison Square Garden to be considered for a live album to be released later. They easily .....

Tricky's Pre-Millenium Tension
Words: 1643 / Pages: 6

.... arousing such strong feelings in me, or is it merely the means to bring those emotions out of me? The beats don't have any sentience. It's driving, it's hard, and it sure as hell makes me want to get up and dance, but does house music have anything more than electronic beats at it's core? Coming from a HUGE househead, it's sad to admit....but the answer is definitively NO. Let's forget the specific genre of house music. Is any type of electronic music based on more than samples and beats? Well...thanks to one innovative performer, that answer may just be YES. is a revolutionary album, defining the new boundaries of the trip-hop genre. With .....

Adam De La Halle And Ars Antiqua Time Period
Words: 554 / Pages: 3

.... then it has only a melody line and no harmony. Much of the medieval music was monophonic. If the music is homophonic then there is only one melody line, but it may be played by two or more instruments. Many of the songs that were originally monophonic were easily transformed into homophonic by add extra voices or instruments. Polyphonic is the type of music we hear today. Polyphonic is when there is a melody line accompanied by harmony. A considerable amount of Adam de la Halle's polyphonic work was designed for plays. One of Adam's manuscripts contains the oldest known existence of the sharp sign. In 1872 his music was officially publis .....

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