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Poetry Essay Writing Help

Home Burial: Analysis
Words: 634 / Pages: 3

.... But the child’s mound--- “ During this passage he is being so cruel. He is just sort of rubbing it in that they had lost so many children. It’s almost like it was his fault that all of this was happening. The husband seems to not be phased by the great loss that they have endured. Later on in the poem the husband begins to talk again, stating: “We could have some arrangement, By which I’d bind myself to keep hands off, Anything special you’re a-mind to name. Though I don’t like such things ‘’twixt those that love. Two that don’t love can’t live together without them. But two can not live together with them.” Right here .....

Analysis Of "The Age Of Anxiety" By W.H. Auden
Words: 2581 / Pages: 10

.... himself with false admiration 2. Malin examines the theoretical nature of man 3. Rosetta endeavors to create an imaginary and happy past 4. Emble passes his youthful judgment on the others' follies V. First act of Part II, "The Seven Ages" A. Malin's domination of this act 1. Serves as a guide 2. Controls the characters through his introduction of each age B. Others support Malin's theories by drawing from past, present, and potential future experiences C. The ages 1. The first age a. Malin asks the reader to "Behold the infant" b. Child is "helpless in cradle and / R .....

Shapiro's "Auto Wreck": Interpretation
Words: 529 / Pages: 2

.... "One hangs lanterns on the wrecks that cling Emptying husks of locusts, to iron poles." This rhythmical sentence paints a picture of locusts, grassÄ hopper like creatures, clinging to a luscious green jungle of grass. Yet symbolically this jungle is the twisted, black, and crisp auto wreck. This depiction of the auto wreck is extravag ant and almost unreal. Using metaphors, Shapiro portrays the fantasy-like auto wreck in which wildness is indispensable. In addition to Shapiro's use of metaphorical phrases, he emphasizes the lack of comprehension of the on-lookers as a result of death's inconsistency with logic. Shapiro direc .....

The Works Of Edwin Robinson And Paul Simon
Words: 490 / Pages: 2

.... idea by writing lines 9, 10, 25, and 26. These lines read as follows: "...Miniver sighed for what was not and dreamed, and rested from his labors...Miniver scorned the gold he sought but sore annoyed was he without it..." Simon expresses the same idea in lines 4, 8, and 9, "He had everything a man could want: power, grace, and style...And I wish I could be Richard Cory..." Robinson and Simon dealt with subjects that were close to their hearts. What they wrote about were their uncontrollable feelings. For Robinson the feeling was described, in lines 5, 6, 7, and 8, as ,"Minniver loved the days of old when swords were bright and steeds were pr .....

T.S Eliot's "The Waste Land"
Words: 492 / Pages: 2

.... from the decayed hole in the moonlight, the empty chapel without windows, and the rooster's crows as the lightning and black clouds arrive. In line 386, “In this decayed hole among the mountains,” probably refers to an empty grave that brings images of death and the end of life, or possibly the beginning of a new life to mind. The grave is lit by moonlight, possibly referring to the white light many people see when they have near-death experiences. You get a creepy feeling when the wind blows and makes the “grass sing” in line 387. In these first three lines it talks of tumbled graves, possibly disturbed by nature, which could tell of trou .....

The Poetical Work And Polynesian Cultural Inheritances
Words: 1886 / Pages: 7

.... has no dawn.” (p109) Pulotu is the spirit world in Polynesian mythology. In ‘The Mountains of Ta’u’ he draws on the famous legend of Maui: “like spinning tops or Maui’s endlessly / inventing mind.” (p110) Maui is an important part of Polynesian mythology; Maui is a demigod who is used to tell of many stories. There are also reflections of Polynesian cultural inheritances in Hone Tuwhare’s use of mythology in his poetry. Tuwhare was born in Kaikohe, and belongs to the Ngapuhi hapus Ngati Korokoro, Ngati Tautahi, Te Popoto, and Uri-O-Hau. In his poem ‘Papa-tu-a-nuku’, he uses Maori mythology. The title, ‘Papa-tu-a-nuku’, means .....

The Fall Of The House Of Usher And The Cask Of Amontillado: Madness And Insanity
Words: 406 / Pages: 2

.... was caused by his insanity. He had once been an attractive man and "the character of his face had been at all times remarkable" (667). However, his appearance deteriorated over time. Roderick had changed so much that "[the narrator] doubted to whom [he] spoke" (667). The narrator notes various symptoms of insanity from Roderick's behaviors: "in the manner of my friend I was struck with an incoherence -- an inconsistency...habitual trepidancy, and excessive nervous agitation...His action was alternately vivacious and sullen. His voice varied rapidly from a tremulous that...of the lost drunkard, or the irreclaimable eater of opium" (66 .....

Words: 434 / Pages: 2

.... himself the use of a sword because he wanted a fair hand-to-hand fight with Grendel. When one of Hroathgars' coast guards set eyes upon Beowulf he said ,"I have never set eyes on a more noble man , you are no mere retainer." Although the action in Beowulf consists of great deeds , the setting of the story is vast scope covering great lands and far off places. Beowulf said that his father was favored far and wide because he was a very noble lord. "The swift current , the surging water carried me to the far off Land of the Lapps ," said Beowulf as he told a story to one of Hroathgars' retainers. When Beowulf talked of where Grendel lived he .....

"Babi Yar" By Yevgeny Yevtushenko: An Analysis
Words: 983 / Pages: 4

.... thousand, but fear pervades the area. Fear that such a thing could occur at the hands of other humans. The poet feels the persecution and pain and fear of the Jews who stood there in this place of horror. Yevtushenko makes himself an Israelite slave of Egypt and a martyr who died for the sake of his religion. In lines 7-8, he claims that he still bars the marks of the persecution of the past. There is still terrible persecution of the Jews in present times because of their religion. These lines serve as the transition from the Biblical and ancient examples he gives to the allusions of more recent acts of hatred. The lines also allude to the fact .....

Theme Presented In The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
Words: 499 / Pages: 2

.... Mariner, however, is mustering pride and decides to shoot the Albatross with his crossbow. In doing this he illustrates his belief that he does not need the good luck of the albatross. He also elucidates his readiness too severe his bonds with the universal cycle of life and love. Following his execution of the albatross, his luck suddenly changes. His luck indeed seems to change, and the Mariner experiences the punishment that comes with the moral error of killing the Albatross-- isolation and alienation from everything but himself. Then, the "Nightmare," the life in death, kills his crew. He is lost at sea, left alone in the night to .....

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