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Poetry Essay Writing Help

An Analysis Of Updike's "Player Piano"
Words: 625 / Pages: 3

.... a phonetic intensive, closely associated with word ‘flame'. Since the ‘flame' is a symbol of life and light, it gives the reader a feeling that the piano is alive, further adding to the effect of personification in this poem. In the last line of the first stanza, there is consonance in "these", "keys", and "melodies". The repeat of the smooth "s" sound in these three consecutive words evokes a feeling of rhythm or harmony - pleasant sounds from the player piano. The next stanza starts with an internal rhyme: "My paper can caper". The simple rhyme suggests that the paper can leap and jump about like a child. The connotation of the word "abandon" .....

Analysis Of Keat's "On First Looking Into Chapman's Homer" And "On Seeing The Elgin Marbles"
Words: 482 / Pages: 2

.... meaningful experience. Keats describes how after traveling in lands of gold, and seeing many great states and kingdoms, he never truly realized the wonders of these things until reading Chapman's translation of Homer. Crossing many western islands bards have sung about, he never was able to comprehend their true serene nature until reading man's wondrous words. This narration explains that though these were sights well visited , their beauty and Keats imagination kept them alive. Having read Chapman's translation til dawn with his teacher, he was so moved he wrote this his first great poem and mailed it by ten A.M. that day. In On Seeing the .....

A Review Of A Shakespearean Sonnet
Words: 628 / Pages: 3

.... because each quatrain has a different means to compare the subject to a summer's day and about half way through, Shakespeare changes and decides that the subject is better than a summer's day. The sonnet is essentially made up of two different parts, the first being the problem and the second part being an answer. The theme that Shakespeare has chosen is love and this theme works well with the sonnet format. The first half of this sonnet is written about how the subject is like a summer's day, for example: "Thou art more lovely and more temperate:" (line 2) and after line eight, Shakespeare concludes that the subject cannot be a summer .....

Point Of View In Three Edgar Allan Poe's Poems
Words: 1122 / Pages: 5

.... is obsessed with his Ideal to the point where it takes on a life of its own, and had no ability to control his mind"(Piethman 45). The narrator was always absorbed in the features of Ligeia and how wonderful she always looked. She was so perfect in every way that she could not possibly be human. This story could have been related to Edgar Allan Poe's could first wife's death that "Ligeia" was a part of him. In "Morella", it was said that she may have been a witch. Morella she is intelligent. Although, she did go to a school for the black arts. She represents surpassing knowledge that the husband doesn't have. He wants to have this so he starts t .....

Words: 640 / Pages: 3

.... tonight. His thoughts stay up with the moon trying to exercise the demons in his mind. Too intelligent, too spiritual for his own peace. A shaman, unstuck in time. A stroke of genius and a slap in the face of this world. Always restless, searching for answers. Impulsive and inspired, writing down his thoughts. Funny stories about Elvis and his followers, the Elvi, or dirty poetry. Painting his visions on sheets that hang from the eaves or painting me with psychedelic designs. It doesn't matter which. All of it makes me want him more. Some things I say to him are like sour notes played too often. I'm out of tune. He always sings along. .....

Sharpio's "Auto Wreck": The Theme Of Death
Words: 1076 / Pages: 4

.... in the poem, the words can easily be taken literally to convey scenery or an emotion, but they can also be taken so as to make the reader think about possible higher meanings. The thoughtsexpressed in the poem help to suggest these other meanings by clearly stating what is being felt by the speaker and the crowd around the accident. By stating clearly and vividly the emotions of the scene, it is easy for the reader to identify the theme itself, and also to identify with it. In the first stanza, the speaker describes the ambulance arriving on the scene more so than the actual scene itself. The ambulance is described using words such as "w .....

An Examination Of Similes In The Iliad - And How Homer's Use Of Them Affected The Story
Words: 1887 / Pages: 7

.... that history is written by the winners. In the Iliad, there seems to be relatively little storyline from the Trojan's side. We are regaled with story upon story of the Greeks, their heroes, and their exploits, while the Trojan's are conspicuously quiet, sans Hector of course. It could almost be assumed that throughout time most of the knowledge of the battle from the Trojan side had been lost. Considering the ability to affect feelings with similes, and the one-sided view of history, Homer could be using similes to guide the reader in the direction of his personal views, as happens with modern day political "spin". These views that Homer migh .....

Analysis Of "13 Ways Of Looking At A Blackbird"
Words: 571 / Pages: 3

.... symbolizes the thoughts and the consciousness of the blackbird. It is also a transition from the observer's perception to the blackbird's perception. In the second stanza, Stevens goes on to say that he was of “three minds, Like a tree, In which there are three blackbirds.” This was the first time he makes the connection between seeing the blackbird and him himself metaphorically being the blackbird. He makes this connection even more clear in the fourth stanza when he says that “A man and a woman Are one. A man and a woman and a blackbird are one." In the sixth stanza he goes back to being the poet observer as he watches the blackbird fly .....

Confessions In Rhyme: Poetry Analysis
Words: 1834 / Pages: 7

.... into their hearts and minds. A plan for revenge has just been born. Captain Jaggery has made his last wish. His death wish... This relates to what happened after the Rebellion, all reactions that became one. Everyone wants revenge! Rebellion The captain worked them day and night for he had no mercy, because of this they had a fight though hungry and very thirsty. In that fight two men had died or at least it was thought to be when they found out one was alive they went on happily. They tricked the captain and two of the crew into thinking that Zachariah was dead, but all that was thrown overboard was some cloth in a hammock bed. Beca .....

Beowulf: First Literary Superhero
Words: 455 / Pages: 2

.... a sword like every other Geat, he grabs onto Grendel's arm and squeezes until the torture is unbearable. Grendel loses his strength, his body parts, and his blood in this violent scene. He later bleeds to death. “Saw that his strength was deserting him, his claws Bound fast, Higlac's brave follower tearing at his hands.”(line 464-466) Beowulf's unusual and courageous method of killing Grendel demonstrates his bravery and physical strength. Before, Unferth had taunted Beowulf about his foolish bravery but when he and all the rest of the Geats saw that Beowulf's strength and power were worth boasting about, they were humbled. To prove Beowulf wa .....

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