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Poetry Essay Writing Help

Beowulf: Link Between Traditions - Pagan And Christian
Words: 424 / Pages: 2

.... the end of the prologue. The people that were under his reign put him on the deck of a ship and surrounded him with jewels, gold, helmets, swords, etc. The importance of material goods are one of the cardinal characteristics of the Pagan's beliefs. Hrothgar and his counselors make useless attempts to appease Grendel in Verse 2. They can't offer him gold or land, as they might an ordinary enemy. Like most people in a time of crisis they slip back into old ways of thinking. Instead of praying to God for support, they sacrifice to t he stone idols of their pagan past. The Christian motifs that run through the poem contrast with the pagan sy .....

Dickinson's Because I Could Not Stop For Death
Words: 391 / Pages: 2

.... Many years beyond the grave, the narrator portrays the placid process of her passing, in which death is personified as he escorts her to the carriage. During her slow ride she realizes that the ride will last for all eternity. “The carriage held but ourselves and immortality.”(3) It is my opinion that the speaker in this poem exemplified the voice of all people. She ‘could not stop for death’ as none of us really believe we can or that we have the time. Most people die unexpectedly and are not ready to stop everything they have and want to do just to cease living. By riding with death, she fools herself into thinking that she is not dead. .....

A Couple Of Frosted Poems
Words: 887 / Pages: 4

.... Frost entered Harvard University as a special student, but left before receiving a degree because of a bout with tuberculosis and the birth of his second child. Three years later his eldest child died, which he later addressed in his poetry ("Robert Frost"). In 1912, having been unable to interest American publishers, Frost moved to a farm in Buckinghamshire, England wrote prolifically, attempting to perfect his poetic voice. During this time, he met such literary figures as Ezra Pound, an American expatriate poet and champion of innovative literary approaches, and Edward Thomas, a young English poet associated with the Georgian poetry mov .....

Lawrence Ferlinghetti's Politics
Words: 1659 / Pages: 7

.... Lawrence Ferlinghetti has chosen to express his political views through his poetry. Additionally, Ferlinghetti became more vocal with the use of protests and further publication of controversial and/or anti-government materials through his publishing house, New Directions. By using poetry, Ferlinghetti was able to reach a vast audience including those whom he was criticizing. Through his poetry, Lawrence Ferlinghetti blatantly and subtly criticized the American democratic system and politicians. In 1957, Ferlinghetti received his first national attention. Ferlinghetti was arrested and brought to trial as the publisher of a collection of obsce .....

Blake's "The Fly"
Words: 946 / Pages: 4

.... is suggested that we are so useless and so petty that we are like flies. This view upon humans is one of disgust and is very depressing for the reader. Blake also says that men are similar to the fly due to their position in life. "For I dance And drink and sing, Till some blind hand Shall brush my wing." Man is just as vulnerable as a fly, being a man can be killed at any time in his life just like a fly can be killed any time in his life. Also, "The Hand of God" can strike down a man the same a fly is struck down by the hand of man. This view by Blake is quite depressing. One can be carefree about their life, yet thinki .....

A Study Of Wordsworth's Poetry
Words: 445 / Pages: 2

.... fulfillment in nature, he also finds disgust in the world's neglect of nature. His sonnet, 'The World Is Too Much with Us' deals primarily with his dissatisfaction with the world.Wordsworth criticizes mankind for misdirecting its abilities. 'Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers' (2:TW) Wordsworth also hopes that the world would find more of itself in nature, similar to his desire for his sister in his poem, 'Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey', to gain an interest in nature. 'For this, for everything, we are out of tune;' (8:TW) Wordsworth also makes reference to the Greek gods of the sea in this sonnet, who are associated wit .....

Compare And Contrast: "Dead Man's Dump" By Rosenberg And "dulce Et Decorum Est" By Owen
Words: 1155 / Pages: 5

.... to God in the same poem is when Rosenberg refers to the "limbers," wheels of a cannon being pulled, carrying the dead as "Stuck out like many crowns of thorns," symbolizing Jesus's crown of thorns that he wore at his crucifixion. Finally they hear a sound, one of the soldier is still alive. He begs the cavalry to hasten their search and find him. The troops hear him and begin to come barreling around the bend only to hear the dying soldier murmur his last screams. In "Dulce," the regiment are tired and marching like "old hags" because they are fatigued. As the enemy discovers them they attack by dropping a gas bomb on the men. As they scat .....

Analysis Of Bryant's "Thanatopsis"
Words: 570 / Pages: 3

.... continue in a number of places. Other examples include lines 57 and 66. In line 57 he writes, “In their last sleep the dead reign there alone,” and in line 66, referring to death and burial, Bryant writes, “And make their bed with thee.” This connection between death and sleep creates an intriguing metaphor which adds depth and meaning to the poem. By using this strange metaphor I believe Bryant wishes to suggest his faith in an afterlife. While examining the differences and similarities of death and sleep the reader is left with some very thought provoking questions. The answers to these questions reassure some readers while con .....

Sir Gawain And The Green Knight
Words: 1153 / Pages: 5

.... he must meet him at his castle one-year and a day from now. He tells Gawain that if he does not show then he is a coward like he expected from King Arthur. After the Green Knight leaves all of the other members of the court cheer Gawain for his bravery. They see him as a hero and a savior of their leader King Arthur. Gawain only sees himself, as a normal everyday soldier that is only doing his duty by protecting faith in the monarchy that he is apart of. Gawain is a very humble person who will refuse to view himself as a hero. The main test that Gawain is going to have to face is a test within himself. During the time before he had to make the journe .....

A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning
Words: 747 / Pages: 3

.... would certainly last forever. Here I got one question: Why is "laity" the one that we tell our love to? Why can't we share it with a clergyman? Strong love is not evil at all ~ The third stanza is interesting, but contains a deep meaning. The earthquake causes damage and people regard it serious. The movement of the heavenly spheres is far greater, fiercer, 'cause it is harmless, people consider it innocent. I think (I do not know if I was right?) the author intended to indicate that death is just like the earthquake-brings harms and sorrow. Earthquake is not so common, when it happens, people are scared of it. On the other hand, when facing the .....

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