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Poetry Essay Writing Help

"The Black Cat" Essay
Words: 397 / Pages: 2

.... and with each new twist more doubt is created. Escapism, another key factor in Romanticism, is seen throughout the short story. The main character, who is never specifically identified, is running from his life by drinking alcohol. The alcohol eventually leads to the destruction of the first black cat, Pluto. The man felt the need to escape from Pluto even though the animal was one of his most beloved pets. His wife and the second cat are being run from merely for the disturbing conscious that they provide for him. Bizarre and unusual plots are often found in the Romantic period, and Poe does not hold back in his efforts. To deliberately .....

Birches: Poetry Review
Words: 417 / Pages: 2

.... was going to say when truth broke in” (21). The response “I should prefer to have some boy bend them” (23) tells the reader he is fantasizing again. The man begins to remember “some boy too far from town to play baseball, /Whose only play was what he found himself” (25-26). The man is thinking about his own childhood where he was secluded but still content because he was creating his own happiness. Soon into his pleasant fantasy, reality takes over. What has he accomplished or become? Why does he not have the same feelings he once had? Because “They are dragged to the withered bracken by the load” of his harsh life (14). His life .....

Ode To The West Wind Essay
Words: 1691 / Pages: 7

.... world by describing the wind using words such as "breath", "unseen presence", and "enchanter". At the end of the first stanza, the speaker again talks about the wind, as a celestial being when he describes the wind as a "Wild Spirit" and says this spirit is everywhere. He then comments on the power of the wind when he describes it as a "Destroyer and Preserver." He ends the first part in the fifth stanza with an apostrophe. The speaker speaks to the West Wind, and asks this higher force to listen to his plea. The second section of the poem deals with the wind as being a power of the wind in the heavens. He begins the second section of t .....

Shakespeare's Sonnet 18
Words: 521 / Pages: 2

.... different subjects such as a young man that Shakespeare was good friends with, a dark lady he was in love with, a rival poet, advice, and his long absence from London (World Book Encyclopedia) Sonnets are the most famous of Shakespeare’s works. Sonnets are lyric poems made up of fourteen lines and sound more like a song without musical instruments than a poem. Sonnet 18 is one of the most admired of his collection. It is a beautiful romantic love poem written to compare summer to his love’s beauty. A beautiful piece of imagery is used in lines1-3: “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou are more lovely and more temperate. Rou .....

Marking Time Versus Enduring In Gwendolyn Brook's "The Bean Eater's"
Words: 517 / Pages: 2

.... They are "Mostly Good" (5) , words Brooks capitilizes at the end of a line, perhaps to stress the old people's adherence to traditional values as well as their lack of saintliness. They are unexceptionl, whatever message they have for readers. The isolated routine of the couple's life is something Brooks draws attention to with a separate stanza: Two who are Mostly Good. Two who have lived their day, But keep on putting on their clothes And putting things away. (5-8) Brooks emphasizes how isolated the couple is by repeating "Two who." Then she emphasizes how routine their life is by reating"putting." A pessimistic .....

The Road Not Taken - An Analyis
Words: 787 / Pages: 3

.... about the opportunity cost, what will be missed out on. There is a strong sense of regret before the choice is even made and it lies in the knowledge that in one lifetime, it is impossible to travel down every path. In an attempt to make a decision, the traveler "looks down one as far as I could". The road that will be chosen leads to the unknown, as does any choice in life. As much he may strain his eyes to see as far the road stretches, eventually it surpasses his vision and he can never see where it is going to lead. It is the way that he chooses here that sets him off on his journey and decides where he is going. "Then took the other, just as .....

Compare And Contrast The War Poems By Jessie Pope And Rupert Brooke To Those Of Wilfred Owen
Words: 1980 / Pages: 8

.... recruitment devices such as posters and famously, the poems by Jessie Pope. Pope wrote from the safety of her own home, as a civilian. She had not had any first hand experience of war. In fact, it seems that she had absolutely no idea about what war was like. It was poets like her who had a large influence over the public. Her amazing naiveté made her renowned amongst the British during war- time and in my opinion, her recruiting poem; “Who’s for the Game” is irresponsible. It gives young men, and their families who would want to persuade the men to join the army, a completely false image of war. However, it is an army recruitment poem, and fo .....

A Pregenerative Soul’s Fear Of Life
Words: 534 / Pages: 2

.... as a task in which she might fail. Thel would consider her eminent life a failure if “‘all shall say, “Without a use this shining woman liv’d, / Or did she only live to be at death the food of worms?”’” (ll. 69-70). As a result, she questions others as to how they cope with their mortality. The responses of those she asks ubiquitously stress the importance of service. The Lilly tells Thel that she rejoices because God, who as the Clod of Clay says, “loves the lowly,” comes to her with a promise that, even though her life seems small and insignificant, she is not forgotten. She serves the lamb in nourishment and her perfume spreads a .....

Beowulf - A Noble
Words: 433 / Pages: 2

.... shows that Beowolf is not completly moral because he lets some knights be killed by Grendel before he attacks. Beowulf and Grendel fight and the monster's arm is ripped off causing a slow and painful death.Even though Beowolf didn't do this heroic and noble act for the reward ing Hrothgar gave him a sword and eight horses with golden cheek plates. The second act of Beowolf's conflict with grendel showing his nobility is not with Gredel himself but with Grendels mother. After Grendel was killed his mother was very angry and killed a knight in king Hrothgar's court the same way her son had. King Hrothgar was very disturbed by this and didn't know wh .....

Analysis Of Jarrell's "The Death Of The Ball Turret Gunner"
Words: 319 / Pages: 2

.... soldier who has been taken from his childhood and thrown into war. The soldier describes the fear of awakening from the naive state of childhood into the preeminent likelihood of his death during the "State" of war (line 1). He describes the disconnection he feels from Earth and what he calls it "dream of life" as if life only existed in birth and death (line 3). When he awakens to "black flak" and "nighmare fighters" he seems to imply that all that lies between birth and death is war (line 4). The theme to this poem emerges in the last line with almost a plea that he not be forgotten. When he says "they washed me out of the turret with a ho .....

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