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Science Essay Writing Help

Introns And Exons
Words: 653 / Pages: 3

.... called the G-cap. The G-cap is necessary for translation. The subunit of the ribosome recognizes the G-cap and then finds the initiation codon to start translation. As the mRNA comes finishes transcription, the Poly A tail is added to the 3¹ end. As the two ends are placed the mRNA becomes pre-mRNA. The pre-mRNA consists of splicing and non-coding regions. pre-mRNA molecules are much longer than the mRNA molecule needed to code for its protein. The regions that do not code for amino acids; aa, are scattered all along the coding region. The genes are split with coding regions, called exons, short for expressed regions; in between the exons the .....

Words: 439 / Pages: 2

.... got on the wrong train. Benjamin Thompson, also an eighteenth century scientist, observed that while drilling through brass with a dull bit he could produce enormous amounts of heat yet not get very deeply into the brass. This led Mr. Thompson to the conclusion that heat was the product of work, not the invisible fluid caloric. Joseph Black, yet another scientist of the seventeen hundreds, discovered that it took different substances varying amounts of heat to raise one gram of a substance one degree Celsius. He called this specific heat. Mr. Black also noticed that when mercury at fifty degrees is mixed with equal amounts of water at zero degr .....

Endangered Species 2
Words: 3779 / Pages: 14

.... a very brief period in late spring or early summer. Research efforts have, however, paid off. Since 1991 natural mating has resulted in eight births at the Wolong centre. In addition to experience gained over the years at Wolong, the recent success of births can be attributed to improved cooperation between China's Ministry of Forestry and the country's zoos involved in panda breeding, as well as to an exchange of information and technology between Chinese and western scientists. Some problems are, however, still experienced with animal husbandry, particularly the care and welfare of infants. Disease and rejection by the mother have been the main c .....

Words: 714 / Pages: 3

.... types of dinosaurs varied greatly in form and size, and they were adapted for diverse habitats. Their means of survival can only be identified from their fossil remains, and some identifications are in dispute. They ranged in weight from 4 to 6 lb., in the case of the compsognathus, and up to 160,000 lb., in the case of the brachiosaurus. Most dinosaurs were large, weighing more than 1,100 lb., and few weighed less than 100 lb. Most were herbivores, but some saurischians were carnivorous. The majority were four- footed but some ornithischians and all carnivores walked on their hind legs. Always classified as reptiles, dinosaurs have traditi .....

Nuclear Weapons
Words: 913 / Pages: 4

.... Ban Treaty. The TreatyÕs signers agreed not to test nuclear weapons in the atmosphere, in outer space, or underwater. The only testing that was allowed was underground testing. Attempts to control the number of nuclear weapons in the world began about 1970. The Strategic Arms Limitation Talks(SALT) was a convention held by the United States and the Soviet Union to limit the numbers in nuclear weapons. In 1982, the United States and the Soviet Union began the Strategic Arms Reduction Talks(START). Unlike the SALT talks, these were aimed at the number of nuclear weapons each country could obtain. Then there was another treaty signed in 1987 .....

The Canada Goose
Words: 3286 / Pages: 12

.... and White-cheeked Goose (Wormer). The Canada Goose has excellent eyesight which makes it difficult to hunt because the Goose can see the hunter well before the hunter ever sees the goose (Wormer). This eyesight is essential for flying though, a Canada Goose can see three quarters of a sphere without moving its head (Wormer). The Canada Goose also has an acute sense of hearing, it's ears are positioned on the side of it's head (Wormer). They have either no sense of smell or a very poor one, but this does not impede the goose in any way (Wormer). Although there is a large variation in size all subspecies of Canada Geese look the same physically .....

Aandp Kidney Problems
Words: 566 / Pages: 3

.... the cores the vessels become even smaller forming capillary balls called Glomeruli. The Glomeruli pick up certain substances that travel through the Glomeruli capillary wall and enter the proximal kidney tubules, creating an ultra filtration systems, which eventually becomes urine. Substances that do not filter through the Glomeruli wall continue through the Kidneys blood supply, allowing it to reenter the renal vein and inferior vena cava. On a normal basis only small molecular weights (such as sugars, fatty acids, water, etc.) Are filtered at the renal Glomeruli. Larger waste such as proteins and hormones do not normally filter through the gl .....

The Human Brain
Words: 2092 / Pages: 8

.... the back, called the spinal cord. The brain and spinal cord make up the central nervous system. The brain doesn't just control your organs, but also can think and remember. That part of the brain is called the mind. PROTECTING THE BRAIN Twenty-eight bones make up the skull. Eight of these bones are interlocking plates. These plates form the cranium. The cranium provides maximum protection with minimum weight, the ideal combination. The other twenty bones make up the face, jaw and other parts of the skull. Another way the brain keeps it self safe is by keeping itself in liquid. Nearly one fifth of the blood pumpe .....

Words: 617 / Pages: 3

.... is the replacement in a below the knee amputation. The American Society of (ASB) held a meeting at Clemson University of 1997 in order to develop a sports prosthesis that would stand up to every day flexing of the knee for performance in sports. In order to develop this prosthesis they had to go through two main phases, the analysis of a jogger wearing a standard walking prosthesis and computer simulation of the flexing of the knee on this walking prosthesis. They had to measure rotation, weight bearing, moments, and the stress of the joints acting on this limb. After the mechanical actions were mapped out they had to use many mathematical eq .....

Words: 1043 / Pages: 4

.... large bodies, this phylum has evolved efficient internal plumbing along with other specialized systems such as well developed open circulatory system, a complete digestive tract, along with excretory and nervous system, they are classified under the Mollusca phylum. It then goes under the classification of Cephalopod along with squids and chambered nautilus. From there it is ordered as Octopoda, (Family) Octopodidae, (Genus) Octopus. Then its species differ to differentiate one octopus from another. A common octopus's species is labeled as vulgaris. A common octopus's scientific name: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Mollusca Classification: C .....

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