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Book Reports Essay Writing Help

The Count Of Monte Cristo
Words: 810 / Pages: 3

.... and had enough money and power to carry out revenge on his enemies. Faria is the first person that opens up Dantes’ eyes so that he can see who his enemies really are. When Dantes first meets Faria, he is overjoyed because he hasn’t seen another person, other than the guard, for years. Faria reaches Dantes by means of a tunnel that took him 3 years to dig with his makeshift tools. Even though he had limited resources, Faria made matches, a lantern, a ladder, and a knife. Faria hid all these tools behind two separate rocks in his cell. All of these things show how smart Faria really was. Faria’s intelligence is what helps Dantes ma .....

The Relationship Between Billy Budd And Claggart
Words: 780 / Pages: 3

.... Billy act strange and begin to make gurgling noises. Billy is determined to perform his duties well, and not to ever get yelled at again. Even after trying to stay out of trouble, Billy continues to slip up. These small threats and incidents establish the tension between Claggart and Billy, and set the stage for a later confrontation. They also force Billy to search for help. The person he goes to is the old Dansker. Billy recognizes Dansker as a figure of experience, and after showing respect and courtesy which Billy believes due to his elder, finally seeks his advice. But what Billy is told thoroughly astonishes him. Dansker tells Billy that for s .....

Stephen Leasock's "Arcadian Adventures With The Idle Rich": Satire
Words: 1040 / Pages: 4

.... satire of the moral faults of upper class society. The satire acts as a moral instrument to expose the effect money can have on religion, government, and anything within its touch. Writing about such topics is hard to do without offending people. Leacock's technique combines money with humour, and accompanies his moral message with ironic characters; their exaggerated actions, and a constant comical tone to prevent readers from being offended. Leacock's utopian world is filled with humorous labels that represent the "Plutonian's" personalities. "Ourselves Monthly"; a magazine for the modern self-centered, is a Plutonian favourite. To fill the .....

Jane Eyre 3
Words: 2419 / Pages: 9

.... the novel, from her beginnings at Gateshead under Mrs. Reed and Mr. Brocklehurst at Lowood Academy, to Rochester at Thornfield, and then to St. John at Moor House. She Jane ultimately realizes that attaining true liberty is not only beyond her power, but it is also not really her true desire. She rejects the idea of seeking spiritual liberty alone and accepting a life of solitude like St. John, and chooses instead to remain in a type of servitude as Rochester's wife. However, she consoles herself with the fact that this is a different type of servitude unlike her others, it is that of a lover caring for another, someone who needs and appreciates h .....

The Interesting Narrative Of Olaudah Equiano
Words: 1072 / Pages: 4

.... other crimes such as adultery. One could also become a slave if he/she was a captured enemy. The Europeans, however, rounded up slaves with no thought of any African’s personal lives and captured them for the sole purpose of enslaving them. When they did not “round up” the Africans themselves they would trade goods for slaves which caused tribes to attack other tribes for more slaves to increase their own wealth and status. These two factors left damage to the African tribes. Equiano recalls that the slaves taken by his Ibo people were almost treated as one of the family. The slaves do the same amount of work that any other member of the fami .....

A Lesson Before Dying
Words: 625 / Pages: 3

.... play, Grant is tired of watching the same play and seeing the same people dressed in the same kinds of clothing year after year. The hermeneutic view means the dominant interpretation to a text. In “,” they end off the chapter with a Christmas play about the birth of Jesus. This is significant because Christmas to Christian’s is a symbol of birth. This could mean that there might be new hope for Jefferson. This is because Jefferson is currently on death row. Christmas does not symbolize death, but symbolizes birth. This could mean that Jefferson could get a new chance in life or at least will not be executed in the near future. .....

The Scarlet Letter: The Puritans Are Wrong In Thinking That Pearl Is Wicked
Words: 1794 / Pages: 7

.... [as] a lovely and immortal flower"(Hawthorne 81). Even though Pearl is a product of the "guilty passion"(81) between Hester and Dimmesdale, both her soul and her body are untainted and flawless. Hester notices that Pearl has no physical defects, but Pearl's character has an unexplainable aspect of oddity and unpredictability. When she plays near Hester's cottage, Pearl "[smites] down [and] uproot[s] most unmercifully [the] ugliest weeds"(87) which she pretends are the Puritan children. Hester believes that Pearl is so emotional and temperamental because the passion which Hester and Dimmesdale experienced during their sinful act somehow transferred .....

The Scarlet Letter; Rev. Dimme
Words: 658 / Pages: 3

.... to a weak and sickly one, but also given enough time (and some encouragement), he re-grows to once again be a strong man, perhaps more so than he was before. As we first meet Author Dimmesdale, he was a “…young clergy man... His eloquence and religious fervor has already given the earnest of high eminence in he profession.” (p. 62. 3rd paragraph)* The people loved and respected him. He was thought to be “…a godly pastor,”(p. 48) of Hester. But the people do not know his secret. They do not know the dark sin that he holds in the deep recesses of his heart. This causes him much pain. “It is inconceivable, th .....

Macbeth Fear
Words: 893 / Pages: 4

.... address Macbeth's subsequent murders, following Duncan's. For Macbeth, he's just killed the King of Scotland and lamed it on his son. It worked and he became King, however he remembered the witches' prophecies. They claimed that Macbeth would be King, but it would be Banquo's children that would follow after him. This made Macbeth very angry, he risked everything to become King and after him none of his family will follow. Macbeth realizes that if something is not done to Banquo, then his sons will become King. Macbeth can't have this, he's already worried that his soul will go to hell for what he's already done. His fear become evident in this s .....

Animal Farm
Words: 1009 / Pages: 4

.... a children's storybook. Then I noticed the thickness of the novel and opened it up. I read the introduction and found that the novel was based on a political matter, and I thought that the title was just a metaphor, and there were no "animals" in the story. As I read I discovered the whole thing was a metaphor. The five topics I'll be covering are: 1. plot structure 2. conflict 3. point of view 4. symbolism and figuration language 5. theme and author's vision I hope this essay shows the ideas of Eric Blair and the freedom we have under government control. Body- 1. plot structu .....

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