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Book Reports Essay Writing Help

Edna Pontellier Wants To Swim-
Words: 869 / Pages: 4

.... Edna very alone in her search for what she wants in life. She thinks Robert is what she needs, but soon enough discovers he certainly is not. She makes a choice, and many events lead up to this final act of suicide. Edna realizes she is till very young and has grown numb to feelings of vitality, love, and freedom; her spirit has become nonexistent. What she discovers are things she could not ignore. The first changes occurred when she began sleeping when she pleased and spent time doing want she wanted, mostly painting or swimming. She also began to break away from her husband’s oppression. He would attempt to control her by telling her what .....

Dr. Faustus
Words: 590 / Pages: 3

.... spells, and perform other godly deeds. Although Faustus is repeatedly warned by Mephostophelis, he continues greedily and foolishly in his actions. Despite his high aspirations, Faustus still has desires of the flesh, as he requests a wife from Mephostophelis: “…I am wanton and lascivious and cannot live without a wife.” (p. 43) Here Faustus is shown to have internal conflict between godly aspirations and human aspirations. Nevertheless, it is shown that is intent on becoming more powerful than any human, and he has gone to great lengths to do so. After selling his soul for twenty-four years of power and knowledge, soon realizes what he has .....

Words: 880 / Pages: 4

.... At "birth," the creature appears to not be either violent or vicious, but unfortunately, the rejection by his creator drives it to a life full of revenge. Rather than focusing this child-like hatred on Victor, the monster hits its creator where it hurts; his loved ones. This originally peaceful monster, now bitter and hateful, resorts to random acts of violence to compensate for its mistreatment. At "birth," when the first spark of life shot through the creature, there is an apparent natural love and respect for the creator. Victor, on the other hand, fled in disgust at first sight of " the miserable monster which I have created"(57)and hoped to n .....

Frankenstein 2
Words: 507 / Pages: 2

.... and didn't attend to any other matter until his creature was complete. Once he was finished and brought the creature to life, he asked himself why he even thought of creating such a horrible looking creature. He rejects the creature and is completely disturbed by the sight of it. This disturbance leads him to a restless night and which he is haunted by the image of his creation. The next day, Victor sees his friend Henry Clerval and when he brings Henry back to his apartment, he discovers that the creature has disappeared. At this moment, Victor falls into a sickness that leaves him weak for a few months with Henry to aid him. When Victor first t .....

The Red Badge Of Courage
Words: 467 / Pages: 2

.... his eyes. I personally was attracted to the Youth. All his thoughts and wild imagination impressed me. He would describe death as a being that could swallow him whole, and ramble on about wonderful sunsets. The Youth was also a very troubled soul. He worried a lot over things he might do and not the things he would do. For instance, on page 34, he questions others in hope that their answers would comfort him. He feels disassociated from others, "The Youth, considering himself separated from the others..." (p29). Page 35 quotes, "He was a mental outcast." He lacked self -confidence and "continually tried to measure himself by his comrades." (p22). .....

Things Fall Apart
Words: 488 / Pages: 2

.... sign that he was depressed. This incident also had a long-term effect on Okonko. From then on his family would look at him as if it were his fault that Ikemefuna is dead. This episode can be seen as an event where Okonko looses some faith from his family. This corresponds to Okonko loosing faith in his father. Another important occurrence where one can see that Okonko's life falls apart was when he was thrown out of the clan for a few years. From this episode one can see that Okonko's hopes dreams have begun to fall apart. His hopes of being a rich and popular individual had drifted away with this upsetting incide .....

Tribulation And Comedy In Lucky Jim
Words: 2175 / Pages: 8

.... of considerable anxiety and distress; yet, he dodges the need to remedy this. Jim sees Margaret as a girl possessing "minimal prettiness" (Amis, 1953, p. 105), a person who is unenjoyable to spend time with, and whom he knows is manipulative. At the same time, he feels compelled to continue seeing her. Although it is not clear, his behaviour seems to be partly derived from a tragic sense that beautiful girls are not for him. As well, it seems to come from an unprecedented, yet noble sense of duty combined with pity; and a belief that he hasn't "got the guts to leave her" (Amis, 1953, 201). Essentially, Jim lacks confidence. In noting Margaret's .....

The Handmaid's Tale
Words: 1764 / Pages: 7

.... the added responsibility of being a companion, she learns of her inevitable servitude towards her Commander from an old friend. "He's my Commander", I say. She nods. "Some of them do that, they get a kick out of it. It's like screwing on the altar or something: your gang are supposed to be such chaste vessels. They like to see you all painted up. Just another crummy power trip." - page 228 The Commander's Wife also takes advantage of the power she has over Offred's life. In return for performing the illegal act of having sex with a man other than the Commander, the Wife will produce a picture of Offred's long-lost child. This form o .....

The Crucible By Arthur Miller
Words: 651 / Pages: 3

.... town was used to, contribute to make a difficult time or situation, which is a crucible. The title itself explains that the story is about a complicated time that will test the place the book is based on. The story takes place in Salem, Massachusetts in the year 1692. It starts after a couple of girls have been caught dancing in the woods by Reverend Samuel Parris, the town’s minister. Two of the girls are related to him. Abigail is his niece and Betty is his daughter. When Betty gets sick, rumors start to spread that there is witchcraft involved in her illness because they were out in the woods all by themselves. Salem is a very tightly shelt .....

“Masque Of The Red Death”vs.“Fall Of The House Of Usher”: A Glimpse Into The Life Of Poe
Words: 2171 / Pages: 8

.... – death, madness, disease, the dissolution of personality, the wasting away of fragile heroines. Sometimes the incidents recounted are realistic: …‘The Masque of the Red Death’ is an allegory in which Death is one of the dramatis personae.” ‘In The Fall of the House of Usher,’ the tragedy is so far from being either gratuitous or a matter of capricious volition that both family and mansion are foredoomed to destruction’” (Buranelli 74). He had a difficult childhood and lived a very disturbed, lonely and sad life. Poe was the second of three children. He had a brother and a sister. He was born in Richmond, Virginia on Ja .....

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