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Poetry Essay Writing Help

Porphyrias Lover
Words: 903 / Pages: 4

.... dissever, And give herself to me forever." I think this means that she is too egotistical to give up her easy and luxurious lifestyle for her Lover and after they make love she would happily return home to her husband, and leave her Lover alone. I think that although she does love her Lover she is too weak to give up this other man. I feel that Porphyria is definitely in love with him, but seems to be too weak to act seriously on her feelings. Porphyria traveled at night in a storm to meet her Lover which shows that she is certainly interested and devoted to him. I also think they are having an affair because the poem is called "Porphyria's Lov .....

I Knew A Woman: An Analysis
Words: 967 / Pages: 4

.... a softness as her essence. There are about 40 strong "s" sounds in this 28 line poem, with the word "she" being mentioned almost a dozen times (and "her" mentioned as many, stressing the importance of the person). The placement of these words is strategic, emphasizing the natural sound and feel to the poem as well as the natural softness to her disposition. In the third stanza, this is most obvious: "She played it quick, she played it light and loose; / My eyes, they dazzled at her flowing knees; / Her several parts could keep a pure repose, / Or one hip quiver with a mobile nose / (She moved in circles, and those circles moved)." Here, there are al .....

Poetry: Not Me
Words: 527 / Pages: 2

.... and gave it his all. He offered his best, and played always to win. Yet the harder he worked, the harder he'd fall. When his sports were done he had nothing to do. He had all of the time in the world. "Why not study?" said his mom, cooking the stew. He thought of that during supper and hurled. His mother soon tired of the grades he brought home. She made him study each day after school. He was grounded from TV, and from the phone. He was shut in his room and force-fed gruel. His grades slowly improved, thanks to his mom. Although he didn't thank her at t .....

Analysis Of The Poem "The Soldier" By Rupert Brooke
Words: 487 / Pages: 2

.... England in his ninth line by saying, "And think, this heart, all evil shed away." These are the words of a man who truly believes that his land is the greatest of good. Images in "The Soldier" are extremely strong and persuading. One image is the line "Gave, once, her flowers to love, her ways to roam." This line evokes images of a beautiful woman cherishing and caressing the man who stands at her side. Another line is "Washed by the rivers, blest by suns of home." This line creates a feeling of tranquillity and a unity with nature. Another line that evokes a feeling of peace and happiness is, "Her sights and sounds; dreams happy as her day." .....

Sonnet 71: Forget Me When I’m Gone?
Words: 446 / Pages: 2

.... rather to be forgotten when he/she dies. However, the poem has a sarcastic tone to it. In reality, the poet “says” he/she wants to be forgotten, but really he/she wants to be mourned for and remembered.. It’s almost like the poem is guilt ridden. The entire thing talks about forgetting the poet after he/she is dead and to not even speak the poet’s name. This repetiveness of forgetting the poet would really make the audience feel guilty, and make the audience feel obligated to mourn, which is the poet’s true intentions in writing this particular poem. This poem does contain some imagery reinforced by alliteration. The words, .....

Subject Of War In The Poems Of Whitman, Crane, Longfellow, And Sandburg
Words: 533 / Pages: 2

.... honorable, purposeful, or necessary, but it is not kind, there is no virtue in slaughter, and there is no excellence in killing. Whitman notes in "Beat! Drums! Beat!" that when war comes, everything stops, including the sense and reason of the moment. No matter what is happening, there is no excuse for attending to anything else. The urgency of the moment rules. "Are beds prepared for sleepers at night in the houses? no sleepers must sleep in those beds", "Make no parley - stop for no expostulation." "Let not the child's voice be heard, nor the mother's entreaties, Make even the trestles to shake the dead where they lie awaiting the hearses .....

Analysis Of William Blake's Poetry
Words: 2018 / Pages: 8

.... goes on in the poem to tell about how the young girls parents react to the new knowledge that their daughter is missing. The parents are fearful because they know the dangers of the jungle their daughter is lost in. The parents, caretakers, of the young girl can not conceive the possibility that the jungle may have a soft and caring side. We then find out the age of young Lyca, "seven summers old." At the age of seven, a young girl must be very scared alone in the wood with out her mother and father. William Blake also in this stanza tells how Lyca became lost in this wilderness. Lyca, being a young and playful girl had saw beautiful birds sin .....

Whitman's Democracy
Words: 336 / Pages: 2

.... in this poem, as it should shine upon all equally. When Whitman discusses the "shunn'd persons" in "Native Moments" he once again mimics the concepts of democracy with his words. He lets all know that he embraces the people that others have rejected, as democracy should embrace all. These people are part of America also, and should be accepted as such. as democracy should embrace all. Whitman commends the many people of America in "I Hear America Singing." He writes of the mothers, and the carpenters. He says that they all sing their own song of what belongs to them. In this poem Whitman brings these people from all backgrounds together as A .....

Characteristics Of The Beowulf Poem
Words: 1056 / Pages: 4

.... composed more than twelve hundred years ago."(Beowulf 19) It deals with events of the early 6th century and is believed to have been composed between 700 and 750. "No one knows who composed Beowulf , or why. A single manuscript (Cotton Vitellius A XV) managed to survive Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries, and the destruction of their great libraries; since his name is written on one of the folios, Lawrence Nowell, the sixteenth-century scholar, may have been responsible for Beowulf's preservation."(Raffel ix) An interesting fact that is unique about the poem is that "it is the sole survivor of what may have been a thriving epic tradition, .....

Comparing Ode To The West Wind And Tintern Abbey
Words: 688 / Pages: 3

.... Shelly not only uses tone to depict his conception of nature, but he goes on to use personification to characterize the strength and vigor the wind possesses. He gives the wind human characteristics by referring to the wind as “her” and “she.” For example, “Her clarion over the dreaming earth, and fill (Driving sweet buds like flocks to feed in air) With loving hues and odors plain and hill,” can be paralleled with a woman tending to her garden with love and devotion. Along with a heart-rending tone and personification Shelley uses imagery to describe nature. He refers to the clouds in the sky as “angels of rain an lightning” and t .....

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