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Poetry Essay Writing Help

'Sea Fever' - Analysis
Words: 1161 / Pages: 5

.... the reader closer to the sea and help the reader understand why the speaker must return to the sea. "Sea Fever" not only depicts a strong longing for the sea through its theme, but also through use of complex figures of speech, imagery, and meter. "Sea Fever" is an excellent example of varied meter which follows the actions of a tall ship through high seas and strong wind. Lines one and two contain the common iambic meter found throughout the poem. "Sea Fever" may be categorized as a sea chantey due to its iambic meter and natural rhythm which gives it a song like quality. This song like quality is created through the use of iambic meter and allit .....

Words: 628 / Pages: 3

.... Shelley's "",there are two speakers; the first speaker introduced the poem for the first line and then the second speaker carries the poem to realization. It is ironic that the words inscribed on the pedestal "Look on my works. . . and despair!" reflect the evidence of the next line, "Nothing beside remains," that is, there is nothing left of the reign of the greatest king on earth.One immediate image is found in the second line, "trunkless legs.". One good comparison may be when the author equates the passions of the statue's frown, sneer, and wrinkled lip to the "lifeless things" remaining in the "desart." Another is when Shelley compares the .....

The Differences In Fathers
Words: 2132 / Pages: 8

.... to bestow a warmth and joyfulness in remembrance of his father. He intends to show us his endearment of this hard working man he called papa. The two poets use all the poetical elements too express their personal view of a father. Each share the same subject but use individual styles of poem structure, language, rhyme, tone, situation, and speaker to express their opinions. These differences allow us as readers to understand the authors intent and main idea of each poem. The first obvious difference in each poem is the gender of the speaker. This difference may be reflected in the opinions and body of each poem. Sons have different experiences with .....

Analysis Of "The Age Of Anxiety"
Words: 1728 / Pages: 7

.... English society among economic and moral decay in the 1930's (Magill 72). Conflicts common in his works are those between war and peace, corruption of modern society, and the "dichotomy between the rich and the poor" (Barrows 317). "The Age of Anxiety" is, in general, a quest poem. Unlike the ideal quest, however, this quest accomplishes nothing. The characters search for the meaning of self and, in essence, the meaning of life, but because their search is triggered by intoxication due to alchohol, the quest is doomed from the start. Throughout the quest, the characters believe themselves to be in a form of Purgatory when they are allegor .....

Criticism Of Keats' Melancholy
Words: 1902 / Pages: 7

.... on the structure of the poem and the deleted first stanza, whereas, the article by Anselm Haverkamp mainly discussed the meaning of the poem and the feeling of melancholy. Both articles helped me to understand “Melancholy” better. They also convinced me that Robert Burton had an influence on Keats’s poem. In Keats’s Ode on Melancholy, Gaillard explains that the original “Melancholy” was composed of four stanzas, the first of which Keats’s decided to remove before the poem was published. According to Gaillard, the original “stanza did survive in Brown’s transcripts, but many critics have made only passing references to it, avoiding .....

Crossing Brooklyn Ferry: One And The Same
Words: 867 / Pages: 4

.... communicate Whitman's own theory of breaking the molds of society by living as a self-satisfying individual. What makes one person's life different from the next? Whitman leaves the apprehension that the distinguishing characteristics are few. Whitman informs the audience that he has lead the same life as they, who lead the same life as their children will and their ancestors did. The poet questions the significance of a person's achievements by asking, "My great thoughts as I supposed them, were they not in reality meagre [sic]?" It would be hard for any person to measure their self-accomplishments on the planetary scale which Whitma .....

Lawrence's "Snake": An Analysis
Words: 502 / Pages: 2

.... education told him that he should, but his feelings for the snake told him that if he killed the snake that would be wrong. The second time that he expresses this theme is when the speaker questions his own manliness. This is stated in the poem when it says, "Was it cowardice, that I dared not kill it?" This line from the poem says that the speaker is worried that he will not be called a man because he did not kill the snake. The speaker does not want to feel less than a man because he did not kill the snake, like all men are supposed to do. The third time he expresses this theme is when the speaker tries to hit the snake with a log. This is sta .....

A Culture Destroyed
Words: 895 / Pages: 4

.... she was implying that she expected to die of old age and not die from a gunshot. She did not expect for someone to come and rip her clothing from her frozen body like she was a dead animal on the side of the side of the beach. The Native Americans were already here and the whites treated them like they were intruders on the whites’ land. This, in some ways, was like slavery. Slaves were not respected. They were treated like animals and they had no way to defend themselves. Their culture was not respected and if they even spoke one word of being treated like a citizen they could be killed on the spot. Whites brought black slaves over to the .....

Analysis Of Frost's "Desert Places" And "Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening"
Words: 1060 / Pages: 4

.... eventing. He is completely surrounded with feelings of loneliness. The speaker views a snow covered field as a deserted place. "A blanker whiteness of benighted snow/ With no expression, nothing to express". Whiteness and blankness are two key ideas in this poem. The white sybolizes open and empty spaces. The snow is a white blanket that covers up everything living. The blankness sybolizes the emptyness that the speaker feels. To him there is nothing else around except for the unfeeling snow and his lonely thoughts. The speaker in this poem is jealous of the woods. "The woods around it have it - it is theirs." The woods symbolizes people a .....

Barbie Doll: An Analysis
Words: 729 / Pages: 3

.... symbolize good or bad, but in this poem it signifies the stage of puberty in terms of developing a child's identity. It holds a negative meaning for it marks the beginning of the character's downfall. With one comment from a classmate, all her beauty, intelligence and all that she believed to be slowly faded under the standards of society. In the second paragraph, her true identity & characteristics are further described in more detail. She had everything a "normal" happy girl could have; yet she didn't meet the norms of society. She was not what society expected a girl to look like so she slowly became a victim of society's expectations. As is men .....

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