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Creative Writing Essay Writing Help

Hopeful Encounter
Words: 2956 / Pages: 11

.... by thick blankets of smoke. The day was done. Stores got ready to lock up and street lights were turned on to aid the bread winners, so they may travel safely. Few were fortunate enough to own automobiles so they could avoid the cold dangerous streets and dark alleyways. Most shops were already abandoned, finished for the day. Yet few doors were still open, desperate for any last minute customers. One such shopkeeper was Phil Anderson. Anderson had worked as a pharmacist for most of his life. At forty, he had little to show for. The pollution that caused the gradual decay of the city had had negative effects on business, as well as the .....

Words: 477 / Pages: 2

.... rules, location of basketball gym and cafetera, and some other information. After this there was a small lunch, He told us That basketball would start at 8:00am everyday for the next 13 days. I went to my room and when i got there the door was open, I saw a tall black-skinned man with his back to me. I said "Hey!" and then when he turned around i said what the hell are you doin? He said "This is my room." then he said "let me see your key." i gave it to him and he looked down at it and then said while looking down "i guess were roomates." He told me his name was bryon. We unpacked our suitcases and I washed up. We plugged in the Stereo, listened to .....

Valentine Party
Words: 1306 / Pages: 5

.... they held the children who were too young to participate in the festivities, were some of the parents and teachers. The rest of us organized the activities. ren tThere other teachers, and parents, of whom The patio looked out onto a fenceda fenced play yard. A large sand area littered with small bright colored pails, and a few matching shovels, dominated the left side. ide Though a few children of the play yard. Th ere wwere a few children were swinging on the swing set located to the right of the sand area., most of the children ran wildly to and fro,There were children everywhere, like ants on an anthill. Inside the medium sized, white boxbox I w .....

Words: 1007 / Pages: 4

.... at an oil refinery and it was moved to . Cathy got o school and her friends Joe and Chris were already waiting for her. They said at the same time "There's a pop quiz in math today!" "How do you know?, said Cathy. " We heard Mr. Biller talking about it to another teacher." "I'm going to fail!"exclaimed Cathy. Cathy hated math, probably because she had it first hour. Cathy was having a bad day, she got 1 out of 50 right on the math test. From then on it was downhill all day. Until science her science teacher was going crazy about the explosion of Earth. She found out that there was a nuclear war between the United States and Russia. The .....

Creative Writing - The Case: An Original Mystery
Words: 2151 / Pages: 8

.... a real cheap skate, spent all his money on St. Ides and Old English 64oz.ers. He was always borrowing money too. He still owes me seven hundred ninety eight dollars and ninety five cents, plus tax. For a Harvard graduate he sure is a wash up. The only thing he could afford to drive was the car the police station gave him. It was a 1986 Buick with a green trunk, maroon body, and a navy blue hood. The thing took about three minutes to start and another five to warm up, and that was in the summer. Ten minutes later he showed up at my desk. I could still smell her perfume on him. He looked terrible, like usual, man he was such a good guy, but he d .....

Creative Writing: Time Travel
Words: 740 / Pages: 3

.... looks and he knew saying sorry was not good enough. Lying in bed Bryan cried thinking there was no hope. He knew that he needed to be punished. He broke the law and whether he did it on purpose or not, he had taken a life. Bryan knew he would go to jail but he did not understand the manslaughter charge. If he could only make things different. Then he remembered his crazy Uncle Leon telling him a story about time travel. Leon was strange and no one believed his stories but Bryan was desperate. He went to his Uncle's house praying that there was some way he could help him. Leon carefully listened to Bryan as he told the whole story and his fee .....

Being The One Who Cares: A Good Teacher
Words: 2581 / Pages: 10

.... beliefs or no beliefs at all. Teachers must understand each student and their personal beliefs to make their learning environment comfortable. Every aspect of our society has changed, we live in a more promiscuous society. Our children are having children. We as teachers must educate our student to the deadly effects of unprotected sex. I feel as teachers earn tenure, they are more likely to effect the students in a more personably manner. Having a stable and open classroom, I feel the students will learn more and be a respected citizen in our society. In this project I will discuss, prayer in the classroom, AIDS and tenure. Prayer in school is .....

Creative Writing: Godzilla In Tokyo
Words: 905 / Pages: 4

.... the Yamitsu and her crew. Things were running smoothly until about half an hour ago when the detected....when....when they detected a transfluxual distortion of tremendous proportion,” he said worriedly. “What was it caused by?” asked the commander perplexed. “A distortion this big could only have been caused by,” he paused, “ well...a distortion this big could have only been caused by Godzilla.” The commander gasped in shock. “Was there any visual contact established?” he asked. “No sir, but our indications lead us to believe that the only possibly cause could only be Godzilla based only the fact that the distortion was so b .....

My Apartment
Words: 552 / Pages: 3

.... blond hair was cut into disorder length. Still the girl seems happy with it. A fat lady’s walking along my observation in her routine exercise, she stops and talks to the other one has just walked outside and has ready to go to work. The lady lives upstairs . Sometimes, my mom and I are so annoyed by the noise from the ceiling at night. Heavy walking, loudly music, children banging around stairs… these noises bug me sometimes! Whenever I could not stand it anymore, I would slam my door room, warning them to stop it. But my request from slamming the door is rarely satisfied. At the corner of the apartment is a garbage-cart which is every morning .....

Personal Writing: Our Trip To See The Band "Last One Standing"
Words: 1162 / Pages: 5

.... we came into Burlington. Justin dropped me off at my house in Burlington at four o'clock, a few hours before his show started. I made my plans with them for later and sent them on their way. Something about being home makes me feel much more relaxed. Walking into your house and immediately recognizing that perfect smell of freshness (my mom keeps a clean house), flopping yourself onto your comfortable bed, now this is what makes me feel at peace.I was relieved to be home, knowing that I was going to see Kristie,a friend of mine that I'm quite fond of. A few hours slipped by with no significant happenings. I was really looking forward to seeing Kri .....

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