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Poetry Essay Writing Help

Maya Angelou's “No Loser No Weeper”
Words: 705 / Pages: 3

.... in her poems including “No Loser No Weeper”. In, this poem Angelou describes how she “just hate[s] to lose some-thing”(Angelou 12). Moreover,this poem is directed towards a female; whom Angelou wanted to make clear to her to avoid touching her “lover-boy”(Angelou 12).Furthermore, when she states, “I hate to lose something…….even a dime, I wish I was dead”(Angelou 12), we gather that something as small and worthless as a dime would make Angelou wish that she was dead. This remark signifies that the trauma in her life just bought thoughts of suicide. According to Compton’s Interactive Encyclopedia most suicides oc-cur when the bond .....

Analysis Of WH Auden's Poem: Eternal Love
Words: 395 / Pages: 2

.... along. One cannot halt nor reverse the march of time, it is unconquerable, the unrenewable commodity. The tone of the poem turns reproachful, dark, as the clocks' chime tells of the world that is powerless before time. To say that " vaguely life leaks away," the author is possibly attempting to covey that every moment lost cannot be retrieved, that every second that goes by is a second closer to the death of the body and to the death of love. The images of the frozen, cracked landscapes, and the crack in the teacup are examples of lost, passed time. The verdant valleys shall always be sheathed in snow, they cannot resist; and the teacup, once cra .....

The Point Of View In "Porphyria's Lover"
Words: 1386 / Pages: 6

.... It tore the elm-tops down for spite,/ And did its worst to vex the lake(Barnet 567):" This description gives the reader the first glimpse of what is yet to come. These turbulent words help give the poem a gloomy feeling. When Porphyria arrives at the speaker's cottage, she is dripping wet. The speaker makes it an important point to describe her after her arrival. The description of the articles of clothing that Porphyria is wearing helps the reader know that Porphyria is from an upper-class family. She was wearing a cloak and shawl, a hat, and gloves. It is apparent that the speaker works for Porphyria's family. He lives in a cottage, somewhat .....

Byron's Don Juan
Words: 796 / Pages: 3

.... disappear to France and end up dying in 1791. It was just as well because his parents never got along very well. In Lord Byron's early years he experienced poverty, the ill-temper of his mother, and the absence of his father. By 1798 he had inherited the title of 6th Baron Byron and the estate of Newstead Abbey. Once hearing this news, he and his mother quickly removed to England. All of Byron's passions developed early. In 1803 he had his first serious and abortive romance with Mary Chaworth. At the age of15 he fell platonically but violently in love with a young distant cousin, Mary Duff (Parker 10). He soon had another affair with a wom .....

Comparisons Of “Report Of The French Commission On American Education, 1879” To Mike Rose’s “I Just Wanna Be Average”
Words: 875 / Pages: 4

.... school system is influenced by thoughts of bettering youth, but in much opposite ends of the spectrum. The French commission stated that the youth of America were offered the same curriculum in the hopes to form a united, equal society. America, as seen by the French, was a land of golden opportunities available to every child regardless of social standing. It was the basis for our country to survive. It safeguarded our standing in the world. Mike Rose’s school offered quite the opposite. It was a haven for long standing views on school being selective as to whom actually deserved the education. The only hope of the present school system i .....

The Poetry Of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow And John Greenleaf Whittier
Words: 1200 / Pages: 5

.... way of life while having to cope with the memories of seeing his father brutally tortured at a very young age. He was separated from his land, his family and all that he knew. He was treated as mere chattel when he was forced to carry a 25-pound grinding stone on top of his head at the age of six. His master, Robert Mumford, tried to break his pride constantly by exerting harsh and swift punishments. He possessed no civil rights and in the eyes of the law he was not a “person”. His masters were oft to treat him with inhumane cruelty. Similar to Venture Smith’s life growing up in the slavery system, Douglass witnessed brutal beatings gi .....

The Works Of Poet Carl Sandburg And His Effect On American Poetry
Words: 1870 / Pages: 7

.... enjoyed writing about. Carl Sandburg is so greatly remembered because his writing was considerably different from the writing of his contemporaries. He let his mind travel, and be free. His works included the use of free verse, colloquialisms, an original type of rhythm, and oddly structured, prosaic poetry that emphasized key phrases and images.(clc 35, 338) Sandburg was the first of a long line of poets and authors to use the words and phrases that he created in his poetry. Sandburg's style of writing is what changed the course of American poetry. Before Sandburg, most poetry and other literary works were considerably similar, along with dull .....

The Judgments And Moral Lessons Of Robert Browning’s Poetry
Words: 1410 / Pages: 6

.... of his character. While some of Browning’s monologues serve to inform and entertain, others provide a hidden message for the reader to cogitate. After reviewing the circumstances and issues concerning the speaker’s life, the reader forms a moral approval or disapproval. Thus, the dramatic monologue has a central objective: The reader must determine a final judgment of the speaker. In his dramatic monologues, Browning expresses his own convictions through the use of grotesque art. As the term implies, vile, rebuked, heartless, and failing human beings are presented in Browning’s glaring poems. “He often selects the eccentric, the m .....

Owen's “Dulce Et Decorum Est”
Words: 1871 / Pages: 7

.... "guttering", "choking", and "drowning" not only show how the man is suffering, but that he is in terrible pain that no human being should endure. Other words like writhing and froth-corrupted say precisely how the man is being tormented. Moreover, the phrase "blood shod" shows how the troops have been on their feet for days, never resting. Also, the fact that the gassed man was "flung" into the wagon reveals the urgency and occupation with fighting. The only thing they can do is toss him into a wagon. The fact one word can add to the meaning so much shows how the diction of this poem adds greatly to its effectiveness. Likewise, the use of figurati .....

Analysis Of Dickinson's "I Felt A Funeral In My Brain"
Words: 439 / Pages: 2

.... noise associated with the service numbs her mind. The image of the seated mourners suggest that some order has been restored. However, the mind is again under attack, and the beating drum symbolizes the waves of feeling which numb the mind. In the third stanza, the poet states that she hears the mourners lift the coffin. Again, they move slowly across her soul with feet which seem encased in lead. Am intensification of attack on the mind by bringing together images of sound and weight is suggested. She hears the mourners as they lift the coffin and begin to move, and she feels their feet which seem to be encased in lead. In stanza four, .....

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