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Book Reports Essay Writing Help

Lord Of The Flies: Man's Nature And Characteristics Of Simon
Words: 653 / Pages: 3

.... English, and the English are the best at everything. So we've got to do the right things”. Man is only uncivilized when something that he believes in is crushed or torn apart, or something he is against is thriving. One example of this fact is when Jack challenges Ralph because he represents democracy, and Jack believes in a totalitarian government. To me the most interesting dialogue is when Ralph and Piggy are discussing the boys that went to be with Jack. I believe that Ralph is scared, and I find it interesting that Piggy successfully helped him in settling his fears about that matter. The most crucial part so far was when Jack asked who want .....

Wuthering Heights: Heathcliff's Love For Catherine
Words: 1028 / Pages: 4

.... feels as deeply for Heathcliff as he does for her, explaining to Nelly that "Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same…" Their love for each other is so passionate that they can not possibly live apart. At Catherine's death, Heathcliff hopes that she will not rest, but will haunt him until he dies. This absurdity contradicts the traditional norm that one should pray that the dead rest in peace. Near the end of the novel, we learn that Catherine has haunted Heathcliff, allowing him only fleeting glances of her. This shows that despite their physical separation, nothing can part them spiritually. When Heathcliff dies and unites .....

Their Eyes Were Watching God 2
Words: 435 / Pages: 2

.... Janie is sixteen years old her grandmother marries her off to a potato farmer named Logan Killicks. Janie’s grandmother feels that Janie needs to be married to a man that can take care of her so that she isn’t wasted on someone who can not support her. The marriage to Logan does not work out for Janie. Logan sees her as a spoiled child who needs to learn to be a farm wife. Logan becomes one of the many people who do not give Janie a chance to be herself. During her marriage to Logan Janie meets Joe Starks and runs off with him. Janie desperately wants Joe to be the one person to understand her and love her. However, what Joe sees i .....

The Catcher In The Rye Essay B
Words: 1095 / Pages: 4

.... Holden's philosophy surrounding each member and would likely explain his actions in the story. Holden makes reference to the word "phony" forty-four separate times throughout the novel (Corbett, 1997). Each time he seems to be referring to the subject of this metaphor as -- someone who discriminates against others, is a hypocrite about something, or has manifestations of conformity (Corbett, 1997). Throughout "The Catcher in the Rye", Holden describes and interacts with various members of his family. The way he talks about or to each gives you some idea of whether he thinks they are "phony" or normal. From the very first page of the novel, Holden beg .....

Sir Gawain And The Green Knight: Test Of One Knight's Chivalric Attributes
Words: 1980 / Pages: 8

.... symbols throughout the tests of each individual attribute, and in revealing where Gawain's fault lies. The effective use of these symbols enables the author to integrate the test of each individual attribute into a central theme, or rather one overall test, the test of chivalry. To establish the knight as worthy, the author first shows Gawain's loyalty to his king. The Green Knight challenges anyone in the hall to the beheading game and no one takes him up on it. Arthur, angered by the Green Knight's taunting, is about to accept the challenge himself when Gawain steps in saying "would you grant me this grace" (Sir Gawain, l. 343), and take .....

The Metamorphosis: Complexity And Irony Of Man In Society
Words: 424 / Pages: 2

.... in the breakdown of the regular flow of this unit. As a provider, Gregor’s social self has immense meaning. Sufficently he nurtures the familie’s economic needs, binding the unit, and in this way is regarded as fruitful and useful. The irony lies in the realization that Gregor’s change is merely external, and despite his obvious inability to further produce, he is disregarded as a social burden, unable to sustain his role in the system. His mind however, his intentions remained that of his old self. But on account of his inabilities his family is revolted by him, and feeling immensely burdened, they sentence him to a life of isolation. .....

The Scarlet Letter: Light And Dark Imagery
Words: 1113 / Pages: 5

.... have grown. Terence Martin states, when utter blackness succeeds the vivid light of the meteor, the smiling and scowling face of the physician seems somehow to remain "painted on the darkness," (115). Martin shows how good can shine on the physician, yet his evil still remains in the darkness. Even Pearl, an innocent child who does not know Chillingworth, refers to him as a dark person. When speaking to her mother, she says, "Come away, mother! Come away, or yonder old Black Man will catch you" (Hawthorne 123)! The "black" in "black man" refers to Chillingworth's evil, which is clearly acknowledged by even a small child. Guilt is also ack .....

Romanticism’ In Jude The Obscure
Words: 2210 / Pages: 9

.... work is to identify Hardy’s a vision, which becomes increasingly darker in his novel, Jude included. Irving Howe, describe Jude in the following terms: Jude the Obscure is Hardy's most distinctly 'modern' work, for it rests upon a cluster of assumptions central to modernist literature: that in our time men wishing to be more than dumb clods must live in permanent doubt and intellectual crisis; that for such men, to whom traditional beliefs are no longer available, life has become inherently problematic …and that courage, if it is to be found at all, consists in readiness to accept pain while refusing the comforts of certainty. .....

Gods And Generals
Words: 887 / Pages: 4

.... home. Life in the army had ruined his life, “He had missed a father’s great joy of watching his children grow and learn... [and] try not to think about what his career had done to his family.” (Pg. 11) Throughout Part 1, Lee feels something missing from inside him: the feeling of action, of war. While in Texas, General Winfield Scott asks Lee to serve as second in command of the Union Army, but due to the possibility that Virginia could also secede, he declines. Still yearning for action, he accepts the command of the Provisional Army, the defense forces for the state of Virginia. He goes on to recruit Major Thomas Jackson, Jackson replies by .....

Words: 561 / Pages: 3

.... and a game similar to hide-and-seek is played. Jackson, who is the narrator went to a party at the house. He was late for Christmas eve dinner so at the dinner table he was not able to be formally introduce to everyone. He see one of the girl who he wanted to get to know but didn't. After dinner they all decided to played . The rules of the game are simple. "Every player is presented with a sheet of paper. All the sheets are blank except one, on which is written "". Nobody knows who is "" except "" hims! elf-or herself, as the case may be. The lights are then turned out and "" slips from the room and goes off to hide, and after an interval .....

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