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Book Reports Essay Writing Help

The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn
Words: 1000 / Pages: 4

.... flowing nearby. Here nature is presented as a thought provoking environment when experienced alone. The river is quiet and peaceful place where Huck can revert to examine any predicament he might find himself in: "They went off, and I got aboard the raft, feeling bad and low…Then I thought a minute, and says to myself, hold on,- s'pose you'd a done right and give Jim up; would you felt better than you do now? No, says I, I'd feel bad…" (p.127). Only a few weeks with Jim and still feeling great ambivalence, Huck returns to the river to think. Twain tries here to tell the reader how strong the "mob" really is, and only when totally alone is Huck ab .....

The Invisible Man
Words: 483 / Pages: 2

.... a white man. He was punished for his defiance and attempt to assert his individuality. Imprisonment made him similar to the invisible man: he lost part of his identity, However, he regained it by escaping and making a name for himself in the Brotherhood. The chain becomes a symbol between the narrator and Brother Tarp because the chain also symbolizes the narrator's experience in college, where he was restricted to living up to Dr. Bledsoe's rules. He feels that he too escaped, in order to establish himself again .The narrator identifies with Brother Tarp because he too is trying to be an individual free of other people's control. He does not want .....

The Influence Of Reading On Anna Karenina And Madame Bovary
Words: 1529 / Pages: 6

.... what she wanted. She saw herself as the master of her destiny. Her affair with Rudolphe was made after her decision to live out her fantasies and escape the ordinariness of her life and her marriage to Charles. Emma's active decisions though were based increasingly as the novel progresses on her fantasies. The lechery to which she falls victim is a product of the debilitating adventures her mind takes. These adventures are feed by the novels that she reads. They were filled with love affairs, lovers, mistresses, persecuted ladies fainting in lonely country houses, postriders killed at every relay, horses ridden to death on every page, dark f .....

Lord Of The Flies: Opportunity
Words: 1561 / Pages: 6

.... have no other adults to look up to they turn to other children for leadership. Finally, children stray towards savagery when they are without adult authority. In Lord of The Flies, Golding succeeds in effectively representing the interests and attitudes of young children in this novel. When children are given the opportunity, they would rather envelop themselves in pleasure and play than in the stresses of work. The boys show enmity towards building the shelters, even though this work is important, to engage in trivial activities. After one of the shelters collapses while only Simon and Ralph are building it, Ralph clamors, "All day I've been .....

The Truth May Be Hidden In Reality, But Expressed In Fiction
Words: 1336 / Pages: 5

.... novels are based on the author’s life. Some of the novels were influenced by the author’s life. Often in cases like these, one author may write many novels with a similar theme, plot, setting, or characters. This is extremely true in Great Expectations. The main character in the novel, Pip, portrays a life that is similar to the life of Charles Dickens, his creator. It is evident that Charles Dickens drew on personal experiences in Great Expectations. Pip and Dickens have numerous similarities beginning in their childhood and ending in their adulthood. Both appear to be unloved by their mothers. Both of their mothers died when they were you .....

Words: 646 / Pages: 3

.... with whom he is irritated for causing him to stop looking at the girls. He blames her for his own mistake of ringing up her purchase twice, but realizes he must pay attention to his job as he stated, "…I got her feathers smoothed…" Updike goes into great detail to contrast the young girls with the fifty-year-old woman. He describes the older woman as having rouge on her cheekbones and no eyebrows. The young girls are all given nubile qualities, which are described by the character of Sammy using references to food. The first girl to catch his eye is a chunky girl with a sweet can and two crescents of white just underneath it. The second .....

Animal Farm By George Orwell
Words: 754 / Pages: 3

.... someone different in the revolution. Old Major is compared to Lenin. He was an ideologist who dreamed up a wonderful government where all the animals were equal and the humans, or the czars, were pushed out. Unfortunately his dream would never materialize. Then we are left with his predecessors. The first is Snowball. Snowball believed one hundred percent in Old Majors ideals. He wanted all the things Old Major wanted, such as the welfare of the animals. In the Russian Revolution his counterpart would be Trotsky. Trotsky believed and wanted the same things as Lenin, and wanted to continue what Lenin had started. Then comes Napoleon. N .....

Claudius And Hamlet
Words: 680 / Pages: 3

.... enabled Claudius to seize power. But taking control and remaining in control are two different things Claudius has some explaining to do, and this is precisely what occupies him for most of the second scene. It is practical concerns, Claudius argues, that have forced him to become king. There is of course the threat of Fortinbras who, thinking Denmark to be vulnerable "by our late dear brother's death" has been demanding "the surrender of those lands/Lost by his father" (I, ii, 23-24). In a gesture of contemptuous superiority, Claudius simply declares "So much for him" (I, ii, 25). That crisis is over. The fact is Claudius is in control. He h .....

Eliezer Wiesel's Night
Words: 536 / Pages: 2

.... said they threw him in a pit and shot his leg, but he managed to escape to worn him to flee for his life. Eliezer didn't listen to him anyway. About three days later, German troops entered Sighet. They order the people of Sighet to surrender to them or die. The people surrendered and had to give up all their possessions. Moshe was right, it did happen. All the people of Sighet were jammed into train cars and shipped to the concentration camp of Aushcwitz. At that point Eliezer was separated from his family forever with the exception of his father. There was a large crematory in Aushcwitz. You could smell the burning flesh in the air. E .....

Five Days Of April: Notes
Words: 342 / Pages: 2

.... Jethro's brother. Joins the war on the South's side. IV. Plot. Central Conflict: The central conflict of this book is Jethro changing from a boy to a man during the Civil War. Minor Conflicts: Eb, Jethro's brother, fights the war for the North's side, while his other brother fights war for the South's side. Their father, Matt, is generally for the North. Southern Illinois is divided, and the few people for the North do not like the fact that Matt allows Tom to fight for the sou .....

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