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Science Essay Writing Help

Taking The Pill Depression And
Words: 1197 / Pages: 5

.... chemicals that carry messages from one nerve cell to another. Nerve cells do not touch. There are microscopic gaps between them called synapses. For a nerve impulse to travel from one nerve cell to another, the sending cell releases a tiny amount of one of the neurotransmitters, which transmits the signal to the second cell, and so on around the body. After a nerve impulse has been sent across a synapse, special enzymes clear away the neurotransmitter so that another impulse may be sent. The first antidepressants, monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors, were discovered accidentally during the 1960's by researchers who were trying to develop new drugs .....

Cryogenics And The Future
Words: 1237 / Pages: 5

.... first came about in 1877, when a Swiss Physicist named Rasul Pictet and a French Engineer named Louis P. Cailletet liquefied oxygen for the first time. Cailletet created liquid oxygen in his lab using a process known as adiabatic expansion, which is a "thermodynamic process in which the temperature of a gas is expanded without adding or extracting heat from the gas or the surrounding system"(Vance 26). At the same time Pictet used the "Joule-Thompson Effect," a thermodynamic process that states that the "temperature of a fluid is reduced in a process involving expansion below a certain temperature and pressure"(McClintock 4). Afte .....

Words: 796 / Pages: 3

.... contaminated wool, hides, leather or hair products (especially goat hair) of the infected animal. A skin infection begins as a raised itchy bump that resembles an insect bite, but within one to two days it develops into a vesicle and then a painless ulcer, usually one to three centimeters in diameter with a black necrotic (dying) area in the center of the ulcer. Lymph glands in the adjacent area may swell. About twenty percent of untreated cases of cutaneous anthrax will result in death ( Deaths are rare due to antimicrobial therapy. When anthrax is contracted by inhalation the initial symptoms resemble a common cold. After several days, .....

Air Bag Safety For The Prevention Of Injury And Death
Words: 921 / Pages: 4

.... injury. In the past decade, air bags have saved the lives of close to 3,000 people. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) conducted a study of real-world motor vehicle crashes and were able to conclude that the combination of seat belts and air bags is 75% effective in preventing serious head injuries and 66% effective in preventing serious chest injuries. Unfortunately for about 100 people in the past decade, their lives were saved at the expense of suffering a less severe injury caused by the air bag itself. However, when proper air bag safety is applied in conjunction of wearing a seat belt properly, most injuries and deaths .....

Words: 1205 / Pages: 5

.... sporangium on one side of its leaf. When meiosis is finished inside the sporangia and the spores are completed the annulus dries out releasing the spores. The spore germinates and grows into a prothallus which is the gametophyte generation. The antheridia and the archegonia are developed on the bottom of the prothallus. The archegonia are at the notch of the prothallus and the antheridia are located near the tip. Fertilization occurs when outside moisture is present and the sperm from the antheridia swim to the eggs of the archegonia. A zygote is formed on the prothallus and a new sporophyte grows. 4. Flowering plants have unique character .....

The MOBOT Project: Longwood
Words: 594 / Pages: 3

.... restrictions were applied to ensure the safety of the students and, more importantly, the teacher. As the goals of the project were made clearer, our group began discussing possible ideas for the design. There were some disagreements about whether we should take the electromechanical route or the purely electrical one. And after some deep thought, we all agreed that the mechanical way would be the simplest to build and the most merciful on our pocketbooks. Even though we were coming up with some good ideas, each design seemed to contain some major problems. One of the reoccurring problems dealt with the synchronization of the driver motor and t .....

Experimental Protein
Words: 3276 / Pages: 12

.... concentration of protein extract. An electrotransfer on PVDF membrane was done after the gel electrophoresis. These migrations of proteins based on their molecular weight of three solutions. Using the polyacrilamide electrophoresis, proteins were separated based on their molecular weight. Extraction buffer did not produce protein bands. Proteins with huge molecular weight did not travel far from the gel while low molecular weight proteins traveled long distance . Overall banding contrast was compared between same sample with different transferred volumes. The protein bands of ADH were closely related to some of the bands of liver protein e .....

Uranium: Nuclear Friend Or Nuclear Foe
Words: 2697 / Pages: 10

.... were subject to fatal pulmonary diseases. An early study of the Schneeberg mines of Germany conducted between 1869 and 1877 found that 650 miners working in the mines had a life expectancy of 20 years after entering the mines. It was two german doctors, Harting and Hesse, who brought this to the public. The doctors found that 75 percent of the miner deaths were due to lung cancer. But with their scientific knowledge the doctors could only assume that the deaths were caused by the inhalation of arsenic. Later studies between 1900 and 1940 found that the deaths were caused by radiation in the mines. The radiation the miners were exposed to would late .....

Photosysthesis Experiment
Words: 945 / Pages: 4

.... of dark reactions, the carbon fixation step, involves rubisco. What happens is that rybluose which contains five carbons takes the carbon in carbon dioxide and makes the six carbon sugar glucose as described in Vodopich's definition. For the first part of our experiment we wanted to observe how using paper chromatography separates pigments. Paper chromatography works since the pigments in plants have different polarities, weights, and sizes. Although, it was hard to make a clear hypothesis as to how the pigments would travel due to my lack of knowledge of such pigments, I believed that the different pigments would indeed be divided. Furthermore .....

Everglade Dilemma
Words: 265 / Pages: 1

.... created by a specific set of environmental and geologic features present at the same time. Modern life is still effected by the different environmental factors and systems that occur worldwide. Each system reaction causes and equal and opposite reaction in an another system. This cause and effect is demonstrated by many of the earth's environmental systems. Deep in the heart of Florida lies a natural resource known as the everglades. This particular system is extremely complex and one that follows the action-reaction principle. Both the correct environmental features, as well as the right rock layers and substrates created the everglades. Geology a .....

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