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Science Essay Writing Help

Words: 736 / Pages: 3

.... of scientists at Johnson Space Center began to look for life as well. NASA began to send robots and Satellites to Mars. Unfortunately, they found nothing or lost contact with the robots or Satellites in the process. During the year of 1999 NASA sent up two rockets toward Mars and both were failures. Due to the failures, time has been given for scientists to blueprint a credible and step-by-step search for life on the Red Planet. Without the pressure to return Martian samples to Earth any time soon, new schemes for automated, on-the-spot detection of past or present Mars life can be flown. Recently, two probes were sent back and they made it .....

Words: 696 / Pages: 3

.... It quickly became an object of intense study by all the means available to modern astronomy. A supernova may radiate more energy in a few days than the Sun does in 100 million years, and the energy expended in ejecting material is much greater even than this. In many cases, including the Crab nebula supernova, the stellar remnant left behind after the explosion is a NEUTRON STAR--a star only a few kilometers in diameter having an enormously large density and consisting mainly of neutrons--or a PULSAR, a pulsating neutron star. There are two common types of supernovas, called type I and type II. Type I occurs among old stars of s .....

Endangered Species Of South Am
Words: 1449 / Pages: 6

.... to adapt to survive competition and predation. Since the 1600's, however, the rate of extinction has accelerated rapidly because of human population growth and resource consumption (17). Today, most of the world's habitats are changing faster than most species can adapt to such changes through evolution, or natural selection. The current global extinction rate is estimated at about 20,000 species per year, exponentially greater than the background extinction rate (17). Many biologists believe that we are in the middle of the greatest mass extinction episode since the disappearance of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago (18). The survival of .....

Fossil Fuels: Our Society's Dependency
Words: 540 / Pages: 2

.... synthetic compound is used today. My theory is that the same thing will happen with such things as plastic, which is made from fossil fuels. Someone will either come up with a synthetic plastic or come up with something to substitute for plastic. The person who comes up with the solution will become and instant millionaire and everyone will be happy. There is one draw back of this way of solving problems, I mean sure it's great to wait until the demand but we should still learn from our mistakes. We should learn to plan ahead and see what the consequences could possibly be. We still have other demands to meet, there are three major demands of fos .....

Words: 2685 / Pages: 10

.... number of sightings, and the uncountable number of abductions, will become a reality. The first reason that is going to be addressed, is the secrecy and Government coverup of UFOs. "National Security Agency, or NSA, an acronym often assumed by insiders to mean 'NEVER SAY ANYTHING' , (Stacey 40) " has been blamed for millions of UFO governmental cover-ups around the nation. "Our problem is with government secrecy, because it widens the gap between citizens and the government, making it much more difficult to participate in the democratic process (Stacey 40)," says Steven Aftergood while addressing UFO secrecy. The UFO enigma, or as it is formerly k .....

How Various Mechanisms By Which Substances Cross The Cell Me
Words: 886 / Pages: 4

.... gradient. It drives diffusion because substances always move down their concentration gradient. The pressure gradient also plays a role in diffusion. Where this is a pressure gradient there is motion of molecules. The pressure gradient is a difference in pressure between two different points. If the concentration of one side of the membrane is greater than the molecules will travel from the higher to lower concentration. Eventually there will be a dynamic equilibrium and there will be no net movement of molecules from one side to the other. Osmosis is the diffusion of water. Like diffusion, the water moves from a region of higher .....

Astronomy And Space Science: Your Bones In Space
Words: 1408 / Pages: 6

.... cement which gives bone its tenacity, elasticity and its resilience. It also has an inorganic component located in the cement between the fibers consisting of calcium phosphate [85%]; Calcium carbonate [10%] ; others [5%] which give it the hardness and rigidity. Other than providing the rigid infrastructure, it protects vital organs like the brain], serves as a complex lever system, acts as a storage area for calcium which is vital for human metabolism, houses the bone marrow within its mid cavity and to top it all it is capable of changing its architecture and mass in response to outside and inner stress. It is this dynamic remodeling of bone wh .....

Words: 1275 / Pages: 5

.... causes the object to slow down. When Galileo's experiment was repeated on the moon, the hammer and the feather hit the ground at the exact same time. This is due to the fact that the moon has no atmosphere. Therefore, air resistance doesn't exist on the moon. Also, the amount of air resistance on an object depends on the speed, size, shape, and density of the object. The larger the surface area of the object, the greater the amount of air resistance on it. This is why feathers, leaves, and sheets of paper fall more slowly than pennies, acorns, and crumpled balls of paper. There is another legend that states that when Newton was lying against a tree .....

Fusion Energy
Words: 865 / Pages: 4

.... of hydrogen that are supposed to be fused, electro-statically repel each other at a great force. The only way to create the conditions where the it is possible to force these atoms together and override their repulsion is through enormous heat, this method is called thermonuclear. Even though fusion reasearch still needs a lot of time, there has been some progress in discovering how we can use this. The two fusion reactions that are the most promising both involve the heavier isotopes of hydrogen: 1) deuterium (composed of one proton and one neutron) Deuterium occurs naturally as a minor constituent in all hydrogen-containing materials--such .....

Galileo And Newton
Words: 1182 / Pages: 5

.... sites examples in life that support his hypothesis. His argument is of a scientific nature because he is making a hypothesis on a distinctive type of concept. The conclusions that Galileo made relate directly to the work in physics for which he is so well known. His conclusions put emphasis on shapes, numbers, and motion which are all properties that lend themselves to support through "reasoning back and forth between theory and experiment." I feel that Galileo's argument is a valid one because it explains relations in nature and the physical world through mathematical analysis. This allows him to define a world outside of human existence tha .....

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