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Book Reports Essay Writing Help

Huckleberry Finn: A Good Role Model
Words: 637 / Pages: 3

.... down the Mississippi River to Cairo. Another example of good role modeling is Huck's faithfulness to those he loves and cares for. Huck lies to protect Jim on several occasions. Lying is not the best thing, but to Huckleberry, the truth is not always a black and white issue. He is faithful to his friends and chooses friendship instead. He knows that Jim's family needs him. In today's language, Huckleberry's reaction to Jim's situation would reflect what Spock of Star Trek says, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” An illustration of another positive side of Huck shows us that he has a good and true heart, and the bes .....

Scarlet Letter
Words: 656 / Pages: 3

.... only place this could be accomplished. The forest was Hester and Dimmesdale’s sanctuary throughout the novel because they could freely communicate their love, their sin, and their future plans. Being able to confess to someone a sin you have committed is one of the finest feelings. The forest provided that ability to Hester and Dimmesdale. At one point Hester comes right out and brings up the committed sin. “What we did had a consecration of its own. We felt it so!” (pg. 179) When Dimmesdale first hears this bold statement he is somewhat distraught and tells Hester to “Hush!” and then he realizes the freedom they have. “ May God forgive .....

The Horse Whisperer Healing Of
Words: 799 / Pages: 3

.... decide what is important to them in their lives and try not to loose sight of this. In The Horse Whisperer it seems that Grace's mother Annie is so wrapped up in her career that her family is last on her priority list. When the accident occurs, she gets a rude awakening and attempts to make up for not really being there. At the hospital she wants to make sure that her daughter gets the best treatment and she "wants to get to know all of the nurses names"(Evans). The helplessness that a parent feels when they can't save their child from pain is like no other feeling. When Annie sees her daughter's leg amputated, it drives her ambition to help he .....

Comparing "Witness For The Prosecution" And "Wine": The Keys To A Great Story
Words: 823 / Pages: 3

.... in her hands that is distinctly foreign. The narrator went on to say she is a strange, quiet woman, who is so quiet that she made visitors feel uneasy. The author is also very detailed with her description of Mr. Mayherne. The narrator depicts him as a small precise man, who is neatly dressed and recently had his boots shinned. She also said the most striking characteristic of Mr. Mayherne is his shrewd and piercing gray eyes. From his brief encounter with Mrs. Mogson, we found out that she was scared with sulfuric acid by Romaine's boyfriend and has been bent on getting revenge on Romaine. Plausible characters and vivid description make this st .....

Ambition In Macbeth
Words: 1133 / Pages: 5

.... man himself, in this play. In Macbeth, Shakespeare interprets a man’s lifelong ambition that seems to be fulfilled, but causes consequences that his mind cannot handle. Macbeth’s desire to gain wealth and status completely overpowers him. Macbeth becomes more ambitious as his wife and the witches make him question himself and his desires. Lady Macbeth is the biggest encouragement to his ambition, since she uses her husband’s trust to change her own future. In Act I, Scene iii, the witches and their prophecies influence Macbeth’s ambition as he begins to consider murdering Duncan, “ If good, why do I yield to that sugge .....

An Analysis Of Gulliver's Travels
Words: 645 / Pages: 3

.... and the other lives on the second island which is separated from the first by a canal (resembles of England and France) . Gulliver is at the littlenders and the enemy is the bigenders which live on the island of Blefuscu. Gulliver helps the Littlenders to defeat the bigenders. In this book Swift emphasises the stupidity in the war between England and France and also every war which starts over a stupid reason, he also points out the meaningless in courtlife were they do nothing but waste the states money. At he lilliputians he builds a raft which he uses to sail back to England. But instead he finds himself shipwrecked and washed upon the shores of .....

Forrest Gump
Words: 1013 / Pages: 4

.... is arrested for assault with a dangerous weapon. These sorts of fiascoes happen during the course of this novel. Throughout the novel, Forrest is telling of his remarkable life that he has led. It starts when he is a child. When he was in school, he was transferred to a special school because he had an IQ of an idiot and did not fit in with the mainstream. When he was about sixteen, a guy stopped him on his way home from “nut school” and asked him why he had not seen him around before. The next week, he was taken out of that school and placed in a public high school so he could play football. He was six foot six and weighed 245 pounds. Fo .....

The Pearl Notes: Chapter 1
Words: 590 / Pages: 3

.... the doctors refusal to treat Coyotito. In Chapter Two Kino hears the "Song of the Pearl that Might Be," which was a song of hope for Kino and his family. This happened whenever Kino went diving. 3. The ants Kino watched where struggling to get out of a trap. Kino did nothing to help or hurt them, as they where part of the "Song of the Family" and were natural. In chapter one it could be said that Kino and Juana where trying to get out of the trap that they were living in, which was characterized by the fact that the doctor and his people were in control, and would not help Kino or his people, therefore laying the trap that luck alone determined weth .....

To Kill A Mockingbird Injustic
Words: 849 / Pages: 4

.... The Cunninghams suffered injustice by being honest farmers that were hit financially. Finally, Mayella Ewell was also a victim of injustice because she grew up in an environment that forced her to end up lonely and scared. When injustice strikes, the innocent person it affects will always suffer. Tom Robinson, the most obvious of characters that suffered injustice, receives my deepest sympathy because he was a victim of physical injustice who suffered the worst consequence, death. For all the good deeds he did for Mayella Ewell, he eventually ended up dead. Tom Robinson was a victim of Maycomb County's policy where an honest black man's word d .....

Pudd'nhead Wilson: Summary
Words: 698 / Pages: 3

.... many peoples finger prints and examine them to its fullest. To Pudd'nhead's luck all the fingerprint examining paid off. Pudd'nhead got a job as an attorney at law. He proved the man guilty by fingerprints. By the end of the book I would say Pudd'nhead would have to be the protagonist. The antagonist in this book would have to be the people of Dawson's Landing. They judged him for what he said before even knowing him for very long. You can't judge a person for one wrong thing that they said. Pudd'nhead proves the rest of the town wrong when he solves a big murder case by using one of his best abilties. The town should have never judged him, ye .....

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