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Book Reports Essay Writing Help

Billy Budd
Words: 666 / Pages: 3

.... in the form of remorse. For a narrative that tries to put the reader in a moral and ethical position, isn't it ironic that the characters themselves don't exhibit what would seem most ethical? Immediately following the fatal blow to Claggart, There is no outlet of Billy's emotion; whatever emotion he may be experiencing is not accounted for. This is not the behavior one would expect from someone who had just accidentally killed someone else. On trial Billy has this to say for his actions: "I did not mean to kill him. But he foully lied to my face and in the presence of my captain, and I had to say something, and I could only say it with a blow, God .....

Huck Finn The Twisting Tides O
Words: 736 / Pages: 3

.... of a novel. If one were to do this in relation to Huck Finn, one would, without a doubt, realize that it is not racist and is, in fact, anti-slavery. On an superficial level The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn might appear to be racist. The first time we meet Jim he is given a very negative description. The reader is told that Jim is illiterate, childlike, not very bright, and extremely superstitious. However, it is important not to lose sight of who is giving this description and who it is being given to. Although Huck is not a racist child, he has been raised by extremely racist individuals who have, even if only subconsciously, planted some feelin .....

Belove Analysis
Words: 1610 / Pages: 6

.... the burial. Sethe thus named the child after herself, insofar as she, Sethe, was whom the preacher was addressing as "dearly beloved." In this way she brands her detached conscience with guilt. I call it her "detached conscience" because in order to go on with life, Sethe needed to remove herself from her guilt. She removes herself so completely that her neighbors, already upset at her crime, isolated her because she seemed to feel no remorse for the awful deed. Sethe's stoic resolve continues until Denver loses her hearing, which was caused by Denver not being able to deal with hearing what her mother had done. Only when her mother's conscience man .....

Character Relations In The Awa
Words: 510 / Pages: 2

.... the “awakening” of her sensuality. When examining the first stirrings, “a certain light [that] was beginning to dawn dimly within her,” we see that Edna thinks independently of outside interference. When she “was beginning to realize her position in the universe as a human being, and to recognize her relations as an individual to the world within and about her” she does just that—she realizes the world within her, not without her. That is to say, she does this entire “awakening” on her own. She does not directly receive any outside influence. Edna Pontellier, as a whole, is a woman completel .....

Character Analysis Of Metamorphosis
Words: 1982 / Pages: 8

.... an instrument they had often use without a care. Before the metamorphosis, Gregor was trapped in a life of obligations. He worked as a traveling salesman in cloth for his father's creditor. Gregor complains about "the trouble of constant traveling, of worrying about train connections, the bed and irregular meals, casual acquaintances that are always new and never become intimate friends." (296) He often dreams of the day when he is able to quit and rid himself of this tiring job. Even though he greatly dislikes his job, he continues to work for them because this job pays well and he believes that his family is in debt. Is Gregor's boss really his fath .....

The Scarlet Letter: Arthur - Tragic Hero Or Merely Tragic?
Words: 1300 / Pages: 5

.... years for fear that he will lose their love and they will not forgive him. He is too weak to admit his sins openly and in their entirety. Instead, he allows his parishioners to lift him in their esteem by confessing, in all humility, that he is a sinner: "The minister well knew--subtle but remorseful hypocrite that he was!--the light in which his vague confession would be viewed." (127) They love him all the more for his honest and humble character, and this is Arthur's intent. Even as he plans to run away with Hester four days after their meeting in the forest, he comforts himself with the knowledge that he will give his sermon on predestina .....

A Summary Of A Christmas Carol
Words: 1769 / Pages: 7

.... story, All 3 ghosts visit him. Through him, the lesson of the story is to be learned. In the book, he is made out to be Anti-Christmas and he is constantly commented about by characters in the book, some feeling pity, others feeling hostility. "External heat and cold had little influence on Scrooge. No warmth could warm, no wintry weather chill him. No wind that blew was bitterer than he… Nobody ever stopped in the street to say, with gladsome looks, ‘My dear Scrooge, how are you? When will you come to see me?'. No beggars implored him to bestow a trifle, no children asked him what it was o'clock, no man or woman ever once in all his life i .....

Review Of The Hobbit By J.R.R Tolkien
Words: 737 / Pages: 3

.... valuable in the world. This treasure contains golden chalices, gems, gold coins, silver and the amazing Arkenstone. The Arkenstone is a jewel, which was found by dwarven miners. It is more valuable than all of the treasure put together, especially to Thorin and the dwarves. Sleeping on this colossal treasure is the terrifying dragon, Smaug. Smaug is known across the world because of his cruelty. He destroys villages and steals their gold even though he can never use any of it. Bilbo is terrified of Smaug so he takes a handful of treasure and runs away back into the tunnel. Once he reaches the camp he falls down because he is so tired. Everyone is amaz .....

Bolt's "A Man For All Seasons": Reasons For A Person's Actions
Words: 781 / Pages: 3

.... you are sent to Paradise for doing according to your conscience, and I am damned for not doing according to mine, will you come with me for fellowship?"(77). He adheres to his philosophy and conscience, knowing that he will inevitably be executed. One who is reading this may reply by thinking More's decision was asinine. The reader may believe that life is the greatest value to man, and to place anything above it would be asinine. More's behavior was bizarre even to his own time period. His daughter, Margaret, pleaded for him to sign the oath, "Then say the words of the oath and in your heart think otherwise"(81). Her father could not morally .....

Macbeth Imagery
Words: 824 / Pages: 3

.... the night. Only in darkness can such evil deeds be done. Secondly, the darkness shows one of Lady Macbeth’s weaknesses: her fear of dark. In the play, phrases of fear escape from lips even in her sleep. She believes darkness to be the place of torment. Within the whole play, the sun seems to shine only twice. The first is in the passage when Duncan sees the swallows flirting round the castle of death. The second time, at the end, when the avenging army gathers to rid the earth of its shame. Therefore, the reader can conclude that Shakespeare uses darkness to establish the evil parts of the play. On the other hand, daylight is employed to defin .....

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