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Book Reports Essay Writing Help

Tragedy Of Macbeth From Macbet
Words: 1001 / Pages: 4

.... come upon him, Like our strange garments, cleave not to their mould but with the aid of use." (I,ii,144-147) showing how these images are used to hide the "disgraceful self" of Macbeth. Clothing imagery is also used throughout the play in order to create a that devilish tone in the play "If chance will have me king, why, chance may crown me, without my stir. (I,iii,141-143) hides Macbeth's true intentions towards the king and he feelings on what the witches said. The play is also filled with many references to the night or darkness which would have been used to further explain to Shakespeare's audiences the mood of deception and that cold to .....

Beloved: American Experience With Slavery
Words: 766 / Pages: 3

.... to kill her daughter, rather than have her return to a life of enslavement. The entire novel revolves around this horrific act; the entire story is slowly unraveled through the remembrances of Sethe and others. These memories and "re-memories" do not follow chronological order. However, when they are all pieced together, the whole picture of slavery, Sethe's act, and its aftermath emerges. A universal characteristic of the survivor's tale is the subjectivity and incompleteness of the survivor's knowledge. The author works to provide a more objective view of events by including several storytellers. Digression also provides a more complete picture .....

Love Medicine
Words: 1146 / Pages: 5

.... a difference between herself and the Devil. "He wants you. That's the difference. I give you love." Marie both does come to hate and love her. This nun made her as strong as she was. She gave her pride in herself; pride to prove to Leopolda that the Devil was not within her and that she could succeed even as the wife of an Indian. There are relationships in the novel that contained true love. Many of these relationships were not marriages, but they outlasted everything. Nector Kashpaw is possibly the most significant character in that sense in the novel. His love life ties the lives of the two main characters of the novel, Marie Kashpaw and Lulu Lama .....

Fahrenheit 451
Words: 1120 / Pages: 5

.... is the first time where Montag is confronted with the idea that, he doesn’t understand the whole truth about books. Montag meets Clarisse as he is one day walking home from work, and they strike up a conversation. During their conversation Montag is questioned why books are illegal and why firemen burn the books. She also asks him if he had ever read any of the books that he burned. His reply was that it is against the law. Clarisse even asks, "… long ago [did] firemen put fires out instead of going to start them?"(, page 38) Montag replies by telling her that that is nonsense, and that "Houses have always been fireproof,…"(, page 3 .....

Independence And Failure
Words: 1933 / Pages: 8

.... but to stand they all must be united. The longer a marriage is held the longer the bottom stretches, and the more dependent each person becomes on the other. If one side tries to stand on its own then the second will fall on the first as it tries to stand. This metaphor also excellently exemplifies the catastrophe that occurs in Macbeth as both Lady Macbeth and Macbeth try to separate. Macbeth is a eighteenth century play written by William Shakespeare. Using these two metaphors, the breakdown in the relationship between Lady Macbeth and Macbeth and between the king and the thanes and how they perfectly parallel each other because each is caused b .....

Picking Up The Pieces: An Analytical Look At Why The Village Of Umofia Fell Apart
Words: 1525 / Pages: 6

.... their needs for music, joy and love, instead of discipline of a higher being. Okonkwo, the protagonist of the story, could remember to “another time” when children, like his own son Nwoye, were not lazy. He could also remember the indolence of his own father, Unoka, and that his father had not received any titles as a clansman. He was determined to be a respected farmer of yams to ward off the shame of his unsuccessful and dishonorable father. Fortunately, among these people a man was judged by his worth and not according to the worth of his father... As the elders said, if a child washed his ha .....

The Effect Of Sterotyping In The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn And Intruder In The Dust
Words: 2847 / Pages: 11

.... Twain showed this result through the duke and king when they are staying at the Wilk's house. The duke and king pose as the brothers of the deceased Harvey Wilk's in order to claim the fortune that he left behind. Wilk's will tells them of a bag of gold in the cellar. When they find the bag, they offer it to the daughters of Harvey Wilk's; however, the daughters suggest that the money would be safer in the hands of the duke and king. The duke and king hide the money behind a curtain in their room, but then the duke thinks that they did not hide the money well enough. Huck observes them hiding the money and describes it. "They took and shove .....

The Hobbit By J.R.R. Tolken
Words: 857 / Pages: 4

.... thirteen dwarves. He does not prove very helpful at first. But then something happens that changes Bilbo's life. He finds a magic ring that makes him invisible, and has several opportunities to use it to rescue the dwarves from danger and imprisonment. They become quite impressed by him, and even rely on him, just as Gandalf foretold. Bilbo and the dwarves finally reach Lonely Mountain, the home of Smaug the dragon. The dwarves send Bilbo down a secret passage to the dragon's lair. Bilbo has more confidence in himself now and not only steals a cup, but manages to hold his own in a conversation with the wily Smaug (not an easy thing to do).Furious th .....

Guilt And How It Is Handled
Words: 614 / Pages: 3

.... away at him and leads to his doom. On the other hand, the adulteress handles the guilt by telling other people and showing them that she feels guilty. The people forgive her after time but Dimmesdale still feels guilty, and since time has passed can not face the truth. A situation that creates guilt can also illustrate how people deal with difficulty. Guilt does not only appear in literature, but also in daily life. A famous case is the O.J. Simpson murder trial. Whether he committed the crime or not, O.J. has shown no signs of guilt. This can be interpreted as meaning that he either did not commit the crime, or he did so but is hiding the g .....

Hamlets Problem
Words: 638 / Pages: 3

.... of it. Instead, Hamlet writes a play in which the actors play out the same story that the ghost told Hamlet. His plan is to study Claudius’s reaction to the play to determine his guilt. Even after Hamlet decides his uncle is guilty, he doesn’t do anything. This would have been a great time to confront Claudius, but Hamlet seems more interested in taking credit for what he did instead of seeking revenge. Throughout the play Hamlet is deeply hurt by his mother’s decision to remarry his uncle. As Hamlet says, “Frailty thy name is woman”, her actions cause Hamlet to curse women all together (Act 1, Scene 2, Line 146). .....

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