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Book Reports Essay Writing Help

Common Human Experiences In To Kill A Mockingbird
Words: 420 / Pages: 2

.... Tom Robinson is black. Even if the jurors wanted to say that they beleived Tom was innocent they would have to face the people of Maycomb and then they would be shunned for letting a black man go free. Boo Radley was also the victim of prejudice. The people of Maycomb county did not understand Boo, he was not seen outside of his house and people did not know what to think. They made up their own ideas of what he was like and made him out to be some sort of monster. They pre-judged him because he was different than they were. Scout later met Boo and discovered that there judgements of him were false. The second common human experience is co .....

Lt. Colonel Jay R. Jensen's "Six Years In Hell"
Words: 1348 / Pages: 5

.... service. His decorations included: Two Silver Stars, Legion of Merit, Bronze Star with V for Valor, Air Medal, two Purple Hearts, Presidential Unit Citation, Air Force Outstanding Unit Award with two Oak Leaf Clusters, POW Medal, Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, Vietnam Service Medal with 14 Bronze Campaign Medals, Air Force Longevity Award (for over 24 years), Armed Forces Reserve Medal with Hour Glass Device (for 20 years), Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon, Vietnam Cross for Gallantry with Device, and Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal. All these decorations and the time spent in the military I belie .....

The Right To Privacy By Robert Bork.
Words: 875 / Pages: 4

.... the use of condoms in the hope that it would prevent adulterous affairs. This deduction is as absurd as banning all sales of chocolate in order to prevent obesity. Robert Bork admitted that this law did not make sense, especially in the ability of government officials to enforce the law. Yet, Bork disagreed with the method used by Justice Douglas to overturn the conviction of two doctors distributing information on condoms. Bork felt that Douglas's liberal use of penumbras to create a zone of privacy was an excessive use of judicial power. Bork feels a judge must follow the Constitution and should not imply anything from the various ideas in th .....

Beloved: The Symbolism Of Trees
Words: 2036 / Pages: 8

.... harmless aspects of life, such as nature and especially trees. With the tree's symbolism of escape and peace, Morrison uses her characters' references to their serenity and soothing nature as messages that only in nature could these oppressed people find comfort and escape from unwanted thoughts. Almost every one of Morrison's characters find refuge in trees and nature, especially the main characters such as Sethe and Paul D. During Sethe's time in slavery, she has witnessed many gruesome and horrible events that blacks endure such as whippings and lynchings. However, Sethe seemingly chooses to remember the sight of sycamore trees over the sight of .....

An Analysis Of Hawthorne's Short Stories
Words: 801 / Pages: 3

.... vile transmitters of evil, therefore he is not a misogynist and targets both sexes equally. In Young Goodman Brown, Faith, the wife of Young Goodman Brown is a character who loses her faith and submits to the Devil. Hawthorne, in this case directly uses faith as the carrier of a flaw. That is, she does not contain enough self-control, or faith to refuse the calling of the Devil. Even with the emotional plea from her husband, “Look up to heaven, and resist the wicked one,” (1590) Faith cannot resist the Devil's temptation and has “uncertain sorrow,” (1587) after submitting to him. The character of Faith which Hawthorne portrays is one o .....

A Freudian Turn Of The Screw
Words: 950 / Pages: 4

.... is enough evidence to convince proponents of either opinion. It’s probably not so much the evidence as it is the predilection of the proponent that determines their choice. A person who has an imaginative soul or who finds it easy to rise above the mundane restrictions of everyday life would probably argue that Peter Quint and Miss Jessel are ghosts, where as a more logical thinker with a literal sense of mind would probably search out the explanation in psychopathology. The decision is really left up to the reader. Henry James use of symbolism in The Turn of the Screw seems to be the easiest way to sway the reader’s opinion toward the psy .....

Symbolism Of The Scarlet Letter
Words: 624 / Pages: 3

.... her chest. The narrator shares, “When the young women— the mother of this child-stood fully revealed before the crowd...On the breast of her gown, in fine red cloth surrounded with an elaborate embroidery and fantastic flourshes of gold thread..."(50-1). Many people there to see her when she reveals the “A” on her chest. Most of the town people are astonished and startled on her beauty still shone. Even though the big red letter on her chest stood for adultery. As the novel progressed the meaning as the "A”" made a change for the better in Hester's life. In chapters before of the novel the letter "A" on Hester's bosom ha .....

The Sexes
Words: 951 / Pages: 4

.... is true. He also tells Hortensio that his father has died and that he is out in the world to gain experiences he cannot at home, and to find a wife secondary. (I,ii 49 - 57) Petrucio enjoys verbal sport and a non-conventional sense of humor. Petrucio surrounds himself with neither tame nor conforming people. You can even see this in his servants. His servants like him very much and enjoy his entertainments. An example of this is when Petrucio and his servant man Grumio get into a disagreement about knocking on the gate. Reflective of this is Petrucio’s methods to “woo” Katherine. His methods are game like and outrageous. .....

Humor In Wonderland
Words: 1209 / Pages: 5

.... is not ordinary "when the Rabbit actually took a watch out of its waistcoat-pocket, and looked at it, and then hurried on, Alice started to her feet, for it flashed across her mind that she had never before seen a rabbit with either a waistcoat-pocket, or a watch to take out of it, . .."(Carroll 7-8). Even the mouse becomes humorous as he recites "historical facts about the Anglo-Saxons..." "...which are the driest things he knows, to restore Alice and the other creatures after their involuntary swim in the Pool of Tears"(Avery 325). After the Caucus-race in which everyone wins, the Dodo solemnly performs a humorous ceremony for Alice saying "We be .....

Social Class Distinction In Madame Bovary: A Way Of Categorizing People
Words: 1332 / Pages: 5

.... appearances, an individual can keep up a good front and be accepted into the circle when they are out of town where no-one knows the truth. Both Emma and Homais followed this practice in their pursuits to really belong. “Madame Bovary” is about a sense of self, a search for personal identity and reality versus illusion. The symbolism throughout the story is clearly indicative of this fact (Barron’s 5). To what social class did the characters belong, in reality, in appearance? Did they move from one class to another during the story? In the following pages I will respond to these questions. Charles Bovary moves between two classes: working and .....

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