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Book Reports Essay Writing Help

Virgil's Aeneid
Words: 1332 / Pages: 5

.... every right to dislike Aeneas who came unannounced, tried to take his fiancé, Aeneas' son killed their sacred deer, and he took his land. They have a great dual and Aeneas disarmed Turnus by striking him in the leg. With his sword to his chest Turnus makes a last request for his body to be returned to his family, as Aeneas is considering the request he notices that Turnus is wearing the sword belt of Pallas and the stoic ways of Aeneas leave him as rage, fury, and anger run through his body. He kills Turnus in anger and dedicates his death to Pallas. This loss of control and act of violence is the opposite of stoicism and the way Aeneas had been .....

The French Lieutenant's Woman By John Fowles
Words: 972 / Pages: 4

.... it would have been up to him to chose one ending and make it final. However it seems he was not able, or did not want to chose just one of the endings to the novel. It would seem that Fowles is trying to be fair to all of the characters by including the various endings which satisfy all of them. Fowles comments that the job of a novelist is "to put two conflicting wants in the ring and describe the fight", which is essentially what he has done. However it is hard to decide for whom to fix the fight in favor of when one owns both fighters. Fowles also briefly mentions allowing "freedom of characters" in his writing. This concept is somewhat vag .....

Universial Themes In "The Return Of The Native" And "Great Expectations"
Words: 1239 / Pages: 5

.... displays a theme of chance. Book First, chapter 8 contains a perfect example. Eustacia persuades young Johnny Nunsuch into helping her feed a fire. She dismisses him and begins to walk home. Before reaching home, he is frightened by the light coming from the heath and returns to discover Wildeve meeting with Eustacia. By pure chance, Venn discovers the boy and quizzes him. “Then I came down here, and I was afeard, and I went back; but I didn't like to speak to her, because of the gentleman, and I came on here again” [Johnny Nunsuch] “ A gentleman--ah! What did she say to him, my man?” [Diggory Venn] “Told him she supposed he had not ma .....

Elie Wiesel's Night
Words: 986 / Pages: 4

.... In his novel it clearly states in many places that the sights he saw caused his belief in God to diminish. "For the first time I felt a revolt arise up in me. Why should I bless his name? The-Eternal, Lord of the Universe, the All-Powerful and Terrible, was silent. What had I to thank him for?" (p. 44) Although Elie is saying how he should not be blessing God's name because he was silent when the Jewish people needed him most, he still is reluctent to say that no God exists. Afterwards though, he does recite the words of the Kaddish. "Some talked of God, of his mysterious ways, of the sins of the Jewish people, and of their future deve .....

The Short Happy Life Of Francis Macomber
Words: 849 / Pages: 4

.... this lion. After coming upon the lion, Francis shoots three times, hitting it twice and only wounding it. The wounded lion went trotting off into the tall grass, hiding and waiting for the hunters to come after him. Before the men go in after the lion, Macomber sat, "sweating under his arms, his mouth dry, his stomach hollow feeling, wanting to find the courage to tell Wilson to go on and finish off the lion without him." As the men enter the tall grass, the lion came charging at them. The next thing he knows, Macomber is "running wildly, in panic in the open, running towards the stream." Wilson finishes the lion off with two shots from his rifle. .....

Words: 574 / Pages: 3

.... relates to how Torvald feels about her at the time. He tends to treat her views and opinions as less than important or trifling. Torvald doesn’t want Nora spending too much money at Christmas. Nora wants to borrow against his upcoming promotion and subsequent raise in salary. Torvald states on page 1565 ‘Are your scatterbrains off again? What if today I borrowed a thousand crowns, and you squandered them over Christmas week.’ On the rare occasion when Torvald gives her money, he is concerned that she will waste it on candy and pastry. Nora asks Torvald what her most sacred vows are and he responds ‘And I have to tell yo .....

Maus: The Holocaust
Words: 390 / Pages: 2

.... even though Vladek indeed did physically survive the camps, in some ways he, in fact, did not survive. Prior to Vladek's experience witht the Holocaust he would never have attempted to return food, but because of the hunger experiences it seemed uncalled for for him not to. Vladek is also depicted as very tight with his money. No doubt this is because of the poverty he lived with for so long. In the book, he was said to have reused tea bags, kept his burner on all day to save matches, make sure to put his storm windows on in early september tp save on the cost of heating his home, and refusing to buy his wife's personal supplies because they wer .....

Youth : Then & Now
Words: 268 / Pages: 1

.... do not posses he drive and motivation of their ancestors. All in all, it is clear through the passing time, attitudes have changed. 1 "O Youth! The strength of it, the faith of it, the imagination of it!" Conrad's example of youth powerfully describes the greatness of it all. Marlow and the other young crewmen possessed this quality of youth and powerfully exemplified it on the treacherous voyage of the Judea. The youth of today, as many feel, do not have the strong characteristics of past generations. One hundred years ago, a young man may have gone on a dangerous voyage like Marlow, but a young man today leads a more secure, cushioned life. .....

Freedom In The Story Of An Hou
Words: 1000 / Pages: 4

.... with “wild abandonment” but shortly afterward seeks solitude to assess what has happened. The location where she seeks isolation is important. She retreats to her bedroom in a comfortable armchair, indicating that this is a place where she feels safe. It is here that Mrs. Mallard seems to have found a way to rectify what she thought wrong in her life. Mrs. Mallard then realizes in a rush of emotion and relief that she is “Free! Body and soul free!” She views the world with a fresh outlook: one where she will be her own person, answering only to herself. For a brief moment the reader is able to see through to how she .....

The Children In "Sons And Lovers" By D. H. Lawerence And "What Maisie Knew" By Henry James
Words: 908 / Pages: 4

.... H. Lawrence characterize the children as being Impoverished. Henry James in his novel What Maisie Knew , portrays the main character, Maisie, as being impoverished emotionally. The emotional poverty that Maisie experiences in her life exist because of her parents extremely vicious hatred for each other. They use Maisie as a “vessel for bitterness” (13). To Beale and Ida, Maisie was just a tool that they used to hurt the other person. Eventually, Maisie figured out that they were using her to be the bearer of brutily hateful messages. Consequently, she learned not to deliver such messages. This made her parents very angry and they decided th .....

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