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Book Reports Essay Writing Help

The Inferno
Words: 1164 / Pages: 5

.... Dante envisions for the various sinners are borrowed from forms of torture. The first physical punishment Dante borrows from that is his punishment for the heretics. The penalty in the medieval era for heresy was often public humiliation or to burn to death. For Dante, to be a heretic was to follow one’s own opinion and not the beliefs of the Christian Church. Dante’s punishment for the “arch heretics and those who followed them” was that they be “ensepulchered” and to have some tombs “heated more, some less.” Since the archheretics believed that everything died with the body and that there was no .....

Lord Of The Flies: Golding's Reality - Fact Or Fiction
Words: 1847 / Pages: 7

.... at heart. He lived in a time when the whole world was divided and a little spark was all that was needed to set off world destruction. It was at this time that Golding wrote Lord of the Flies, the title itself means true evil and destruction. Translated into Hebrew it is Beelzebub and it means devil. Lord of the Flies is a story of a group of boys from different backgrounds that become stranded on an isolated and uncharted island when their plane crashes. As the boys try to unite to try to become rescued they begin to separate and a tribe of savage hunters is formed. After a while the boys lose all sense of civilized behavior. This is .....

A Rose For Emily
Words: 844 / Pages: 4

.... no taxes in Jefferson.” The fact that the tax collectors could not see Colonel Sartoris is because Colonel Sartoris had been dead almost ten years. Even the furniture that she had was not updated. Emily’s parlor was furnished with heavy, leather-covered furniture that was cracked from not being used. She had been trapped in the ways “Old South”, and did not care to change as time went by. Another factor that showed Miss Emily was not interested in change is when Jefferson came up with a mail system. This new mail system that the people of Jefferson created included putting brass numbers of the house on the door so the .....

Pride And Prejudice: Thoughts Of Marriage
Words: 501 / Pages: 2

.... it as the perfect chance to automatically place a few of her five daughters into the rich community. Marrying off her daughters serves as the main purpose in Mrs. Bennet's life. Mrs. Bennet wants her husband to go and make a greeting to the new crowd. Her plans are to get in contact with them and make aware her five unmarried daughters. Mrs. Bennet encourages her daughter, Jane, to set her sights on Mr. Bingley. Mr. Bennet's' sarcastic comments prove his disconcert on the whole topic. When Jane is invited to meet with Mr. Bingley and his sister, Mrs. Bennet suggests that she go by horseback in hopes that she could probably get ill and ex .....

An Analysis Of The Jay Gatsby
Words: 1162 / Pages: 5

.... his wealth to his beloved Daisy. His "beautiful shirts . . . It makes me sad because I've never seen such beautiful shirts before" (98). It seems silly to cry over simple shirts, but they symbolize an American Dream which people desire. These shirts represent the opulent manner of Gatsby's wealth and his ability to try and purchase Daisy's love, this time through the use of extensive clothing. Fitzgerald wisely shows how Gatsby uses his riches to buy Daisy. In the story, we know that "They were careless people, Tom and Daisy--they smashed up things . . . and then returned back into their money" By this, we know that Daisy's main (and maybe .....

To Sir With Love - Change
Words: 681 / Pages: 3

.... He expects them to be unintelligent, rough, racially intolerant children with no future-hardly deserving of his respect. But, as he sees later, they are are the total opposites of his of his initial ideas. This is gradually shown through their actions, such as such as the students all going to visit the house of their black friend during his crisis, or their learning to treat each other with respect;they learned to address each other as their last names, inthe case of the boys, and "Miss", for the girls. For the students,they learned to respect and really learn from their teacher,something they had never cared to do before. Braithewaite helped them to .....

Enders Game--enders Empathic A
Words: 1538 / Pages: 6

.... the battle school, where it helps Ender immeasurably to defeat his enemies, both in and out of the game room. Lastly, towards the novel's end, Ender's empathy takes on a much more universal significance when it first allows him to win the war for humanity against the buggers, and then at last is put to a more peaceful use, when Ender becomes a "speaker for the dead". From the very beginning of the novel, Ender's extraordinary empathic abilities are quite conspicuous. The first time the reader encounters Ender, in fact, he is making a very perspicacious observation about the way adults lie to children. A woman in charge of the maintenance of a .....

A Clean Well Lighted Place
Words: 2031 / Pages: 8

.... and dark. The cafe is a "Clean, Well-Lighted Place". It is a refuge from the darkness of night. Darkness symbolizes fear and loneliness. The light symbolizes comfort and the company of others. There is bleakness in the dark, while the light calms the nerves. Unfortunately for the old man, this light is an artificial one, and its serenity is fleeting and deficient. Maybe the old man hides in the shadows of the leaves because he recognizes the shortcoming of his sanctuary. Perhaps he is drawn to the shadows so that the darkness of his own age will not be so visible as it would be in the full force of the electric light. His body is dark with effects of .....

All Quiet On The Western Front
Words: 1072 / Pages: 4

.... him grew quite close. Paul's unit was assigned to lay barbed wire on the front line, and a sudden shelling resulted in the severe wounding of a recruit that Paul had comforted earlier. Paul and Kat again strongly questioned the War. After Paul's company were returned to the huts behind the lines, Himmelstoss appeared and was insulted by some of the members of Paul's unit, who were then only mildly punished. During a bloody battle, 120 of the men in Paul's unit were killed. Paul was given leave and returned home only to find himself very distant from his family as a result of the war. He left in agony knowing that his youth was lost forever. Befo .....

A Rose For Emily By William Fa
Words: 854 / Pages: 4

.... about her. Emily Grierson’s is an old lady who is very stubborn. Faulkner manages to show this through different events that happen in the story and how she reacts towards them. One of the events that happened was when Emily received a tax notice in the mail telling her that she has to pay her taxes. At this point in time Colonel Sartoris had been dead and there was no recollection in the cities files of what he had told her. Because she had refused to send any money to pay her taxes an alderman had shown up at her door to settle the situation. When he told her she had to pay her taxes Emily simply said “I have no taxes in Jefferson.”(Faulk .....

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