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Book Reports Essay Writing Help

The Life Of Edward Albee
Words: 998 / Pages: 4

.... of aggression against the status quo. It says, ‘This is who you are and how you behave. If you don't like it, why don't you change?'" Tall, slim, tweedy, with a patrician accent and looking a bit younger than 70, Albee would have changed his own sad past if he could. An orphan raised in chauffeured luxury, Edward was packed off to the first of three boarding schools at age 11. At Trinity, "I discovered that the required courses were not the ones I required." So he cut the classes that bored him and audited the ones that didn't. "It tells you something about the management of Trinity at the time that they didn't catch up with me until the middle .....

A Rose For Emily: Emily’s Disbelief In The Truth
Words: 816 / Pages: 3

.... the old southern townspeople and the confederate soldiers of her time. The old Negro servant was an example of time because he served that family all his life, two generations. And lastly, the old generation of townspeople represented the simplemindedness of the past and the fact that they were okay with the Colonel’s decision. The present was expressed through the narrator, the new generation of townspeople, and Homer Barron. The narrator was representative of the pas mainly through their words and description of what was going on. Homer Barron along with the townspeople represented the “next generation, with its modern ideas” (p. 120) i .....

The Scarlet Letter: Symbolism In The Forest
Words: 865 / Pages: 4

.... Hibbins who explains that the witches are meeting in the forest, and she then invites Hester to become more deeply involved with her evil ways. "Wilt thou go with us tonight"(113) asked mistress Hibbins, yet Hester refused to sign her name in the black mans book on that night. She explains that the only reason she does not sign is because Pearl is still in her life. At this time the forest itself is a open door to another world, a wicked world that would take her away from her present situation, but that is not the only door that the forest holds. The forest is an open door to love and freedom for both Hester and Dimmesdale. It is a place w .....

Lord Of The Flies: Jack And Roger
Words: 642 / Pages: 3

.... change in his behavior. Jack's wanting of meat turns into obvious bloodlust later on in the novel, for example he kills the mother pig without even thinking if it was wrong: "Kill the pig, cut her throat, bash her head in!". Jack's decapitation of the dead mother pig proves that he is no longer the Jack that could not kill the pig but a much more blood-thirsty one that only wants to kill and not be rescued. Although Jack is not satanic like Roger, he loses all sense of reason, he is nevertheless a killer. Jack tries his best to do what is best for the boys but his power hunger actually makes the situation much worse: "The chief snatched one of t .....

Orwell's Animal Farm: Summary Of Characters
Words: 403 / Pages: 2

.... the leader is doing is not best for them. In both cases, Stalin and Napoleon get tired of the competition and run them off by turning the animals and people against them. Boxer is a cart horse who works night and day on the windmill and for Napoleon's cause. When he hurts his hoof and is unable to work, Napoleon is uncaring and sends him off to the slaughterhouse since he is of no further use. Some of the animals come to realize what is happening and are mad at Napoleon, but Napoleon talks his way out of it by convincing the animals that they are mistaken and the hospital uses vehicles marked "slaughterhouse" to pick up injured animals. Stalin' .....

Canterbury Tales: Who Is The Narrator?
Words: 1953 / Pages: 8

.... Perhaps the promise to produce a perfect copy is just hyperbole. What isn't hyperbole, however, is his caution before the Miller's Tale. He acknowledges that his audience might not want to hear what he has to say because he asks them if they want to listen to his tale. Besides being a poet who both recites his work and writes it down, the narrator is also a pilgrim. He says it clearly: "in that seson on a day, In Southwerk at the Tabard as I lay Redy to wenden on my pilgrymage" (1). But the fact that he is a pilgrim gives no clue to what he does in real life; beggars and kings alike could be pilgrims. So we know the narrator not by his vocation, bu .....

Character Development In Dead Poets Society
Words: 872 / Pages: 4

.... are very judgmental of others due to their actions and appearances. Such is so in Hollywood?s entertainment industry. However, in written literature, judgement is not as prevalent because the reader is permitted to invent his own opinions and use his imagination based on what the author has previously bestowed. For example, with the character of Charlie Dalton, the reader assumes that he is handsome and ?preppy?. The reader creates a picture in his (or her) mind of a very attractive, Matt Damon-type (he is so hot), above average high school male. Contradictory, in the movie, Charlie is shown as a rather average, scholarly gentleman, leaving n .....

The Catcher In The Rye: Holden Deals With Alcohol, Sex, And Violence
Words: 1121 / Pages: 5

.... is, one kid dares another kid to take a drink of alcohol, and the kid doesn't want his friends to think he is a coward so he does. Then the rest of them follow." In the book, Between Parent and Teenager, it states the substance abuse is the number one cause of death amongst teenagers. Studies show that among high school students age 14 - 17, 60% of the students use alcohol once a week, 75% use it at least once a month, and 85% have used it once in the year. In the novel, Holden Caulfield has very easy access to alcoholic beverages. Throughout the novel, it seems that every time Holden gets depressed, he turns towards alcohol. in Chapter 12, Hold .....

A Critical Analysis Of "Revelation" By Flannery O'Connor
Words: 1759 / Pages: 7

.... to the higher class woman as “well-dressed and pleasant”. She also labels the teenage girl as “ugly” and the poor woman as “white-trashy”. When Mrs. Turpin converse with her black workers, she often uses the word “nigger” in her thoughts. These characteristics she gives her characters definitely reveals the Southern lifestyle which the author, Flannery O'Connor, was a part of. In addition to her Southern upbringing, another influence on the story is Flannery O'Connor's illness. She battled with the lupus disease which has caused her to use a degree of violence and anger to make her stories somewhat unhappy. The illness cause .....

Inside The Character’s Of The Scarlet Letter
Words: 850 / Pages: 4

.... specified to her as a demon baby. Roger Chillingworth, a knowledgeable man, was Hester’s prearranged husband. Chillingworth had been unseen by Hester for two years and returned to find his wife in public humiliation. Each one of these characters has a different aspect upon one another. A brave lion, Hester Prynne stood publicly on the scaffold of sham to face her criticism and punishment alone. Forced to tell who fathers her child, Hester denies the town of the knowledge and replies, “Never, it is too deeply branded. Ye cannot take it off. And would that I might endure this agony, as well as mine. I will not speak.” The love within Hester .....

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