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Book Reports Essay Writing Help

Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom!: An Innovative Narrative Technique
Words: 2161 / Pages: 8

.... the narrators. Chapter one is the scene in which Miss Rosa tells Quentin about the early days in Sutpen's life. It's here that Rosa explains to Quentin why she wanted to visit old mansion on this day. She is the one narrator that is unable to view Sutpen objectively. The first chapter serves as merely an introduction to the history of Sutpen based on what Miss Rosa heard as a child and her brief personal experiences. The narration of Absalom, Absalom!, can be considered a coded activity. Faulkner creates the complex narration beginning at chapter 2. It ironic that one of Faulkner's greatest novels is one in which the author only appears as the .....

Definition Of Integrity
Words: 570 / Pages: 3

.... his life, he won't confess to a crime he didn't commit. He knows that being dishonest isn't being loyal to his beliefs. In The Crucible, an example of not possessing integrity is also shown. Danforth, is the prime example of having no loyalty towards himselfor his beliefs. Danforth, is the Deputy Governor who convicts the citizens of being witches. When Danforth is asked to pardon the accused, he refuses saying that he can't because twelve have already hung for the same crime, and he refuses to let asnyone off. Even though he knows what is right and that they are innocent he won't because it would ruin the integrity of the court, and .....

Words: 557 / Pages: 3

.... to the right, sometimes to the left.” (page 29) Happy to be with his father, Elie still did not know if he was in line for the prison or the crematory. The line marched up toward the fires, he could see little children and babies being tossed into the fire. The line moved on past another pit where adults were being burned. After seeing these tragic events, Elie could no longer sleep. He could not believe this was happening and nobody was doing anything to stop it. After surviving the first concentration camp, Elie and Mr. Wiesel were sent to Buna, a work camp. At Buna a Overlap (a prison guard) was tortured for sabotaging a power station. A .....

All Quiet On The Western Front
Words: 612 / Pages: 3

.... Torn apart by war, yet unified by the noble cause of defending their country in all its glory. ''On the threshold of life, they faced an abyss of death.'' Among the many new recruits, Paul Baumer and his classmates, enlist with youthful enthusiasm in the German army of World War I. As soldiers they know not what awaits them on the battle field. Many of their comrades will die before their very eyes. And for what? They don't know what their fighting against, they're fighting a war that isn't their own. But rather the war of the political leaders of several countries, whose arrogance cost the lives of so many you .....

Helpless Before The Iron In Olsen's "I Stand Here Ironing"
Words: 655 / Pages: 3

.... when parent child interaction mean the most. When Olsen writes "Though her cries battered me to trembling and my breasts ached with swolleness, I waited to the clock decreed," she shows the lack of knowledge the mother had in caring for a newborn because she ignores her maternal instincts and instead chooses to go by the book (p. 169). With just one line in the story, this statement packs powerful reasoning into the mother's helplessness, showing how her immaturity and lack of knowledge is working against her and to no fault of her own. Closely related is the narrator's single status in a time of male dominance and no charitable family organiza .....

Words: 533 / Pages: 2

.... which to write his criminal thoughts, and has become fixated on a powerful Party member named O'Brien, whom Winston believes is a secret member of the Brotherhood, the legendary group that works to overthrow the Party. Winston works in the Ministry of Truth, where he alters historical records to fit the needs of the Party. He has noticed a co-worker, a beautiful dark-haired girl, staring at him; he worries that she is an informant who will turn him in for his thoughtcrime. He worries about the Party's control of history: it claims Oceania has always been allied with Eastasia in a war against Eurasia, but Winston seems to recall a time when this wasn't .....

Munro's How I Met My Husband: Edie's View
Words: 919 / Pages: 4

.... lot easier than at home. We find out later on in the story that Edie is accused of being intimate with Chris. Edie had her own opinion on what the thought being intimate with someone meant. She thought it was kissing. This shows Edie’s immaturity and the fact that she didn’t totally understand relationships. This is another way of setting insight with out her coming straight out and saying it. Once again we jump ahead in the story to her waiting on the letter. Edie says, “The mail came everyday except Sunday, between one-thirty and two in the afternoon, a good time for me. Because Mrs. Peebles was always having her nap. I would get my kitchen cl .....

Fahrenheit 451: The Strength Of Beatty
Words: 422 / Pages: 2

.... a very unclear meaning. He also said, "And you shrieked, 'Knowledge is power!' and 'A dwarf on a giant's shoulders sees the farthest of the two!' and I summed my side up with rare serenity in, 'The folly of a mistaking a metaphor for a proof, a torrent of verbiage for a spring of capital truths, and oneself as an oracle, is inborn is us, Mr. Valery once said.'" (Pg. 116) This confused Montag to the point that he almost disclosed his passion for reading books. Beatty has mastered the skill of holding people under his power. Beatty, himself, said, "Knowledge is more than equivalent to force." (Pg. 116) He additionally declared, "I don't think you re .....

The Handmaids Tale
Words: 1482 / Pages: 6

.... his ID under the door. Dont stop on the road to help a motorist pretending to be in trouble. Keep the locks on and keep going. If anyone whistles, dont turn to look. Dont go into a laundromat, by yourself, at night . .. Women were not protected then."(p. 24) Nobody believed it could happen to them. When the Sons of Jacob took over and began to take away their freedom, they accepted it. They were afraid and the Sons gave them some security. Because they accepted the first few laws, it was hard to refuse to not go along with the ones that followed. When the women were finally stripped of their identities, they felt as though they had deser .....

Racism Related To The Novel Ja
Words: 387 / Pages: 2

.... The images of the music were encompased in the young girl Dorcss, whom Joe fell in love with despite his attachement to Violet. The story opens with Dorcas’s funeral, where Violet had tried to slash the poor dead girl’s face, now the town reffered to her as “Violent”. Joe had killed the girl because she had tried to leave him. From that point on the story became a struggle of suffering and survival after the deception of “jazz”. Jazz symbolized the music that bloomed along with the Harlem Reniassance between the years of 1920 and 1930. Like the harlem Reniassance, it claime .....

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