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Science Essay Writing Help

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Words: 589 / Pages: 3

.... a history of maternal alcohol use during pregnancy, each of the following three categories must be present: 1. slow growth before and after birth including weight, height and/or head circumference, 2. facial dysmorphology such as thin upper lip, flattened philtrum, and/or short openings between eyelids, and 3. damage to the central nervous system. Diagnosis can be difficult because many of the critical diagnostic features change with age. It is most difficult to diagnose in newborns and adults. Reaching an FAE diagnosis is even more difficult because only some of the symptoms are present, and possibly not as visible. This disorder cannot be det .....

Cloning 8
Words: 1212 / Pages: 5

.... is, in effect, the formation of a clone of malignant cells. Humans have learned from nature and started their cloning saga also. In one method of artificial cloning used in plant breeding, cells are cut from a plant and placed in a flask with a nutrient medium. The cells grow and divide, forming embryonic tissues that are transferred to soil, where they produce complete plants. Grafting is another method of cloning used in Horticulture. Matching cuts are made in the stems of two plants, which are then fitted together so that their transport systems are in contact. The wounded area heals, and the two stems become a single physiological unit. A .....

Humbled By Nature’s Grandeur
Words: 689 / Pages: 3

.... interesting change of pace to be my Dad’s teacher. This was great because I actually knew something that my Dad did not know, which was very rare. Though that was great, it was not the best part of my adventure. The best part of my experience was in the water. We set out to sea around 5:00pm and returned at around 9:00pm. Those four hours were probably the best four hours of my adolescent life. When I was out on the kayak I saw so many killer whales it was unbelievable. We were in the midst of two whale pods numbering about 90 whales. I had heard that killer whales can attack people. Surprisingly, I was not afraid except for the fact of h .....

Iron Increases Heart Disease
Words: 789 / Pages: 3

.... data due to the nature of the subject and the need for in-depth analysis. While it has the highest prevalence of any disease, women experience only 30-50% of the coronary artery disease incidence and mortality of age-matched men (Meyers, 1996). Many feel that this may be due to the protective effect that estrogen has on the blood vessels of females. There may actually be a direct correlation to reduced serum iron levels due to menses. Whereas men " build-up" iron in the blood, women cleanse themselves of iron buildup on the monthly basis. Meyers (1996) also states that oxidation, the process in which an atom increases its positive charges .....

Words: 265 / Pages: 1

.... in a vapor of gas with the purpose of reaching a high. Inhalants are legal everyday product, which have a useful purpose. Some of these substance are paint, glues, white out, air conditioning refrigerant, felt tip makers, spray paint, air freshener, butane and even cooking spray. Inhalants can really harm the body. Almost all inhalants can cause the body to slow down. The user can suffer Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome this means that the user can die the first time he or she uses an inhalant. Inherits can effect the other part of the body like the heart, liver, kidney, brain, bone marrow and many other organs. Inhalants can cause some of the sa .....

Words: 358 / Pages: 2

.... of the nucleus and the cell membrane is cytoplasm. It is in the cytoplasm where all of the other organelles are stored. There are six main organelles in the cytoplasm. First, the mitochondria, which provides energy to the cell through ATP and respiration. Then there is the endoplasmic reticulum which separates parts of the cell. Then there is the Golgi apparatus which is used for sorting, storing, and secretion for the cell. Next are lysosomes, which hydrolyze macromolecules. Then there are centrioles that play a major role in cell division. And lastly there are vacuoles which have a variety of storage functions. The plant cell is simil .....

Words: 500 / Pages: 2

.... important derivatives. andits derivatives are included in the important chemical group known as . When mixed with alarge proportion of , makes a satisfactory . In Europe, mixed with other compounds has long been added to motor fuels. was isolated in 1825 by Michael Faraday, but its structure remained amystery for 40 years. The problem was perplexing because the C(6)H(6) formula indicateda high degree of unsaturation, but does not display the reactivity characteristic of such compounds. In 1865, German chemist Friedrich August Kekule von Stradonitz proposed thatbenzene is structurally a planar hexagon in which the six carbon atoms are joined by .....

Inventions Benefited Society
Words: 463 / Pages: 2

.... replaced pens and papers. Many businesses are now relying on computers because their statistics and calculations are more accurate than manual calculations. These machines are enabling us to perform many different tasks in less time and making our lives easier. Computers in telecommunications have allowed us to do many things from the comfort of our homes that could never be done before; such as talking with distant friends and relatives, buying merchandise, doing research, and a steadily increasing number of other things. At nearly any time of day we can buy something with a credit card, or fill out a form with personal information su .....

Nuclear Power
Words: 1247 / Pages: 5

.... In addition, a mass amount of energy is released along with two or three neutrons. It is these neutrons that can begin a chain reaction, each neutron that is given off could collide with another Uranium atom splitting it apart. Each of these fissioning atoms releases a very large amount of energy, and some more neutrons. This process continues causing a chain reaction withut any outside assistance, and the Uranium has "gone critical"(Martindale, 794-195). This chain reaction is the basis for how nuclear power is made. The amount of the energy that is given off in nuclear fission is astronomical. To equal the amount of energy given off wh .....

Functions Of The Digestive And Kidney Systems Of The Body
Words: 1808 / Pages: 7

.... Gastrin also relaxes the pyloric sphincter. Chyme is then passes into the small intestine for main absorption and digestion. The pH in the stomach returns to normal and the stretch receptor stop getting stimulated. #2 You are having severe stomach cramps, the doctor says that you secretin receptors have been blocked. How has this affected your digestive process and what two hormones might be able to alleviate one of the affects. Secretion inhibits stomach movement, emptying, slows secretion of gastric juices and causes bicarbonate to be dumped in from the pancreas and liver to the small intestine. This neutralizes the acid that is coming in. S .....

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